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Nov 21, 2022

Streamlabs Ultra: What the Upgrade from Prime Means & How to Take Advantage

With Streamlabs Ultra, you get all of the live stream-enhancing benefits of Prime but with much (MUCH) more to seal the deal. Read to learn more!

Last Updated on December 05, 2022

Have you heard the news? Streamlabs Prime, the premium subscription that you know and love, is now Streamlabs Ultra—a next-level creative suite featuring pro versions of all of our amazing tools to help creators (many of which extend beyond streaming). With Streamlabs Ultra, you get all of the live stream-enhancing benefits of Prime but with much (MUCH) more to seal the deal. Consider this a lotta bit more bang for your buck!

Prime vs. Ultra

Keep reading to learn all of the new perks of Streamlabs Ultra!

What’s Included in Ultra That Wasn’t Part of Prime?

The short answer is you get access to pro features of every Streamlabs tool to level up your entire content creation flow. Below are the pro features you gain access to  with Streamlabs Ultra:

Premium Streamlabs Desktop, Web, and Mobile Services—the same features of Prime created to enhance your live streams. 

Crossclip Pro—an easy short-form video editing tool to transform Twitch and YouTube clips into vertical video for platforms such as TikTok, YouTube Shorts, etc.

Willow Pro—an all-in-one link in bio tool so you can put your most important links in one convenient place for you and your audience to access.

Melon Pro—a powerful browser-based streaming service that allows you to add guests, multistream, and go live in seconds. 

Oslo Pro—a browser-based video editing platform that makes editing and collaborating on video projects simple.

Streamlabs Console—a tool to make customizing your Xbox live stream ten times easier (no PC required).

For more details on each tool included in Streamlabs Ultra, you can check out their sites (linked above) or this article sharing everything you need to know about Streamlabs Ultra.

What If I Don’t Need All of These Tools?

While we strongly recommend getting this bundle deal for all your content creation needs, we totally understand if every tool may not be right for you. Luckily, you can still purchase a-la-carte subscriptions for the tools you want the most. Just remember, prices for these tools vary, and it may be worth calculating whether subscribing to Ultra makes more sense cost-wise.  

Is There a Price Difference Between Streamlabs Prime and Ultra?

Nope! Same price ($19 per month or $149 per year). The main difference between Prime and Ultra is that you have access to more tools to help level up your content creation and grow your brand. You can even create a Streamlabs ID (more on that in just a moment), so you have one convenient login that connects to each app. 

What If I Already Have Prime?

The good news is, if you’re already a Streamlabs Prime member (thank you for being a part of the family, by the way), we’ll automatically convert your account to Ultra. Your billing will remain the same, including your renewal and billing dates. The only thing you need to do is create a Streamlabs ID to connect all of your tools to your subscription (more info below). 

How to Take Advantage of Streamlabs Ultra (If I Wasn’t a Prime Member)?

If you never got to experience Streamlabs Prime and think you're a great fit for Ultra, simply sign up for Ultra and connect all of the Streamlabs tools to your Streamlabs ID to begin enjoying all of the great benefits.  

What Is Streamlabs ID, and How Do I Create One?

If you thought access to more tools meant more logins and passwords to remember, that’s not the case. By creating a Streamlabs ID, you will have one login that works for every app (this includes both free and Ultra users). If you’re new to Streamlabs, create your Streamlabs ID when signing up. If you already have a Streamlabs account, simply head over to your Settings on your Streamlabs Dashboard and select Set up Streamlabs ID. Keep in mind that if you have an Ultra subscription, you’ll need a Streamlabs ID to access your pro benefits across all of our apps. Check out our detailed guide on setting up your Streamlabs ID for more info.

How Do I Get Access to All of the Tools?

Follow the Streamlabs ID setup guide to connect your Streamlabs ID to your account for each tool. With your Ultra subscription, you’ll automatically get Pro access to the tools connected to your Streamlabs ID.

As you can see, Streamlabs Ultra is loaded with some amazing tools for creators. We can’t wait to hear what you think about our tools and Streamlabs Ultra as a whole. Follow us on Twitter to share your experience with us and to stay up to date with all things new coming from Streamlabs.

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