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Nov 20, 2020

Is Streamlabs Ultra Worth It?

In this post, we're going to do a deep dive into all the features included in your Streamlabs Ultra subscription.

Last Updated on November 29, 2022

Is Streamlabs Ultra worth it? In this post, we’re going to do a deep dive into all the features included in your Streamlabs Ultra subscription (if you’re looking for info on Streamlabs Ultra, it’s now Ultra. Same price, increased benefits. Check out our FAQ for more info.) We’re constantly adding more to the list, so check back frequently to see new tools to help take your stream to the next level.

What’s Included with Streamlabs Ultra

We know that creating a unique brand can be difficult, and we’re always working on bringing you the tools you need to make it as easy as possible to create one. That’s why we’re happy to introduce Streamlab Ultra— a suite of pro-level tools for creators which combines the premium services of Streamlabs Desktop and Web Suite, Crossclip Pro, Willow Pro, Melon Pro, Oslo Pro, and Streamlabs Studio into one simple login and monthly subscription. Below is more information on the tools included in Streamlabs Ultra and how they can help you take your content to the next level.

Stream Overlays & Themes

With Streamlabs Ultra, you unlock access to thousands of professional stream overlays from some of the industry’s top designers. Take a look at the stream overlay library here.

Alert Box Themes

In addition to stream overlays, Ultra gives you access to themed alerts. Alerts are essential for encouraging viewers watching your stream to donate, sub, and follow. Check out the alert box theme library here.


Streamlabs Ultra gives users the ability to stream to multiple platforms simultaneously, one of the best ways to grow your audience as a new streamer. Stream to YouTube, Facebook, Twitch, and/or a custom RTMP location at the same time. Learn more about Multistreaming here.  

App Store

Every app in the Streamlabs App Store is included with your Ultra subscription. There are apps like Pillar to help you gain access to sponsorship deals, Pretzel to help with music on stream, and a ton of tools to help you engage and interact with your audience in new ways. Learn more about the Streamlabs App Store.

Premium Merch Store Items

Unlock premium merchandise and customize your merch store with your Ultra subscription. Brands like Champion and American apparel and products like shoes, hats, bags, masks, home goods, and more! Learn more about opening up a merch store.

Custom Tip Page

Send your fans to a customized tip page that matches your brand. Upload your own images and logo, change the design to suit your needs, and change the colors to match your branding. Learn more about customizing your tip page.

VIP Support

Streamlabs Ultra subscribers have the ability to access VIP support for their Streamlabs products. We will do everything we can to ensure that you have the tools you need to go live.

Premium Mobile Streaming App Features

While the Streamlabs mobile streaming app is free to use and go live with, you can access many new features with Streamlabs Ultra like mobile multistreaming, mobile themes (alert box, border, event list, and chat), removing the watermark, and disconnect protection. Here are the links to the App Store and Play Store.

Gold All-Star Status

Upgrade immediately to Gold status on the Streamlabs loyalty program. Check out this page to learn about the different loyalty tiers and the benefits that come with each.

Custom Cloudbot Name

With Streamlabs Ultra, you have the ability to customize the name of your Cloudbot. Learn more about using Cloudbot.

File Storage

Unlock 10GB+ file storage with Streamlabs Ultra. Store your videos, gifs, images, and everything else you need to make sure your stream is perfect.

Panel Maker

An easy way to create panels for your Twitch Page, this tool lets you customize the text on your panels, colors, icons, and more.

YouTube Thumbnails

Posting clips to YouTube can be time-consuming since each video needs to have a unique yet consistent thumbnail. With Ultra, you get access to the YouTube Thumbnail Editor, which lets you select from a wide variety of thumbnail templates and customize them however you want.

Sound Library

We’ve created a huge library of sounds to use for your alerts. All created from scratch, no DMCA worries, all included in your Ultra subscription. Learn more about adding custom sounds to your alerts as a way to encourage viewer interaction as well as add more branding to your channel.

Creator Sites

Take your brand to the next level by creating your own custom site to showcase your work to your fans and potential brand partners. From collecting tips to selling your merch, there are so many ways a personalized website can help your career as a creator.  With Streamlabs Ultra you’ll have access to full customization options to make your website as on-brand as possible. Learn more about building your brand with Creator sites here

You can download Streamlabs Desktop here.

Willow Pro

No more directing your audience to a million different places online. Willow Pro is an all-in-one link in bio tool that allows you to drive traffic to multiple destinations with just one simple link. Willow Pro allows you to utilize premium themes and customization options to keep your link in bio page fits with your branding flawlessly.

Melon Pro

Melon Pro is the perfect browser-based tool for live streaming on the go and allows you to have up to 12 participants join you from wherever they are in the world, even from a mobile device. As long as you have internet access, you can stream amazing content for your audience. An easy-to-use Zoom alternative, you no longer have to worry about a 40 minute meeting cap.

Oslo Pro

If you find video editing softwares to be overly complicated and expensive, we have an easy tool to help you create YouTube and other long-form video content. Meet Oslo, the browser-based video editor that makes creating video content easy. With Oslo Pro, you get access to up to 250GB of space and can export video projects up to one hour in length.  

Streamlabs Console

With Streamlabs Console, customizing your Xbox live stream just became ten times easier. Go live directly to Twitch from your Xbox with Streamlabs Console—no PC required! Personalize your live streams by adding overlays, alerts, and widgets from a phone or tablet. Take your Xbox live streaming to the next level. 

FYI, you can also subscribe to the pro versions of the individual tools you’d find most useful if you don’t think Streamlabs Ultra is right for you. We just thought you should know about this amazing way to bundle these services. If you have any questions or comments, please let us know. Remember to follow us on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.

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