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May 20, 2021

The Benefits of Multistreaming

With platforms like Facebook, Twitch, and YouTube, there are many opportunities to expand your viewership and reach new audiences. But what if you...

With platforms like Facebook, Twitch, and YouTube, there are many opportunities to expand your viewership and reach new audiences. But what if you could interact with these new audiences at the same time? That’s where Multistreaming comes in.

Multistreaming is a powerful tool. One of the main advantages is that you’re able to bring in viewers from two or more different platforms, and you’ll have more eyes on your stream as a result. We’ve seen new streamers, brands, businesses, and artists alike all stream to multiple platforms to maximize their viewership.

In this blog, we will discuss the main benefits of Multistreaming, how to go live on multiple platforms, and how to set it up using Streamlabs Desktop and Melon.

What is Multistreaming?

If you are unfamiliar, Multistreaming, or simulcasting, is the ability to simultaneously stream your video feed to multiple destinations like Twitch, YouTube, or Facebook.

If you are a new streamer or brand, or business, it’s a fantastic way to experiment with multiple platforms and see where your content resonates the most.

What Are The Benefits of Multistreaming

Please note: if you are already a Twitch affiliate or Partner, please read your contracts before multistream. In some cases, Twitch requires that all live streaming activities be exclusive to their platform.

1. Expand Your Reach

The most significant benefit of Multistreaming is the ability to expand your reach and broadcast to as many viewers as possible. If you’re just getting started, there’s no better time to get in there and start increasing the size of your audience.

2. It allows you to engage with the community more easily

Platforms that come with multistream functionality like Streamlabs Desktop and Melon make it easy to chat with all of your viewers at once. Both platforms consolidate the chat from all platforms into one single window and allow you to read and interact with everyone easily, whether they are watching on Twitch, YouTube, Facebook, or any other platform.

3. Each platform has its advantages

Take advantage of all of the benefits that Twitch, YouTube Gaming, and Facebook Gaming offer. Each platform has analytics and metrics that are valuable for you to analyze. Look at engagement from multiple platforms to see if any platform is more popular, and then focus your attention on the ones that make the most impact on your content.

4. Save Time

Streaming to multiple platforms is a great way to save time. For example, YouTube will automatically upload your live-streamed content as a video so your viewers can watch it later. This will save you valuable time, so you don’t have to download and re-upload your content constantly.

How to Multistream in Streamlabs Desktop

Because we built this Multistream feature from the ground up, we’ve designed it to be as streamlined and straightforward as possible. 

Step 1: Open Streamlabs Desktop and click on the settings cog. 

Step 2: Open your Stream settings

Step 3: Add a stream destination

Update Stream Info

After linking your accounts, press the “Go Live” button to bring up the “Go Live” window. From here, you’ll be able to toggle which platforms you’d like to stream to.

The title and description you choose here will reflect across all streaming platforms (please note that Twitch does not have a description and will not display on your Twitch stream). The game category needs to be selected individually because each platform has a unique game library.

How to Multistream with Melon

To live stream from Melon, visit the website and create an account if you haven’t already. After you create an account, you will be in “Studio” mode. From the Studio, you can control every aspect of your live stream, including going love, adding guests to your show, adjusting layouts, etc.

To multistream, perform the following steps:

Step 1: Hover over your profile icon and click “Settings.”

Step 2: In the “Platforms” section, link your accounts

Step 3: Go back to the Studio and click “Go Live”

Step 4: Select which platform you’d like to live stream to

Step 5: Confirm and go live and you are ready to multistream!

About Streamlabs

Founded on the belief that we want to help creators make a living do what they love, Streamlabs provides a robust suite of features to help creators better engage with their fans, grow audiences, and improve monetization. Building on this mission, Streamlabs is expanding its product with 1) Melon, our browser-based streaming studio, 2) Willow, an all-in-one bio link tool, 3) Oslo, a video review and collaboration tool, and 4) Lucra, a live streaming platform for ticketed events.


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