Increase the production value of your live stream by using the Streamlabs App Store. We designed the App Store to help you interact with your audience in new ways, improve the aesthetic of your stream, learn new insights about your stream performance, and much more.

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There is a talented developer team behind each application determined to push the industry forward.

These developers are innovative thinkers in the streaming space, bringing to life ideas that are adding tremendous value to live streamers.

The App Store is live for streamers on Twitch, Youtube, Facebook, and Mixer.

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Annotate and Draw!

Want to illustrate and organise your strategy on the in-game map? Want to circle and draw big arrows at that thing you are OBVIOUSLY talking about that chat just can’t see for some reason? Or do you just want to draw moustaches on random NPCs?

Annotate and Draw! lets you do all that and more.

Bouncing Box

Upload any image (or gif!) and watch it bounce around your scenes. Control the speed and change the tint on each bounce, just like the original. Now supports Gif and Jiff formats!


Mojichat for Streamlabs allows broadcasters to get custom notifications to their stream , that encourages viewers to send more Donations! When donations are received through Mojichat, a personalized Moji delivers the Bits or Donations on the broadcast for all to see. Personal 3D Mojis are created in the Mojichat app on Streamlabs. Users browse hundreds of facial features, hairstyles and trendy outfits to make their avatar look totally unique. Stay tuned for exciting new updates!


Automatically send tweets when you start your stream, end your stream, or change the game you are playing. StreamSocial automatically tweets stream starting, stream ending, and changing game messages. Never forget to post you are going live again. Consistency is the key to a growing channel. Increase viewer engagement by consistently letting user’s know what you are doing. Still send your own tweets if you choose. StreamSocial checks to see if you already tweeted before it does.

Jingle Punks Music Player

Jingle Punks Music player is an app which provides Streamlabs users with a monthly license and access to over 100,000 songs across all genres for use in their streams, packaged in a friendly “Spotify” style user interface. This state of the art music player comes with sophisticated search options, curated playlists, and easy drag-and-drop features to quickly create your own playlists.

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