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Mar 17, 2022

GoLiveBot - The Best Way to Update Twitter When You're Live on Twitch

GoLiveBot automatically updates your Twitter profile when you go live so your community knows when they can watch you.

Today, we’re excited to share an update on one of our favorite Streamlabs apps, GoLiveBot developed by @streamably. GoLiveBot automatically updates your Twitter profile when you go live so your community knows when they can watch you. Their most recent update also added the ability to update your Twitter banner. Today, we will talk about why you should use this app, the importance of utilizing social media to build your community, and how to get the most out of using GoLiveBot.

The Importance of Social Media in Streaming

Social media is one of the most critical tools that streamers have at their disposal. As you grow your live streaming channel, social media acts as a way to connect with your community, share your content, and attract new viewers.

Whether you are a new or experienced content creator, we highly recommend having a presence on Twitter. A large portion of the gaming community already uses this platform, and it can help you drive viewership to your channel.

Don’t be afraid to plug your social media while you are live. For many viewers, it’s the only way they can receive regular updates from you. So, don’t forget to remind your community to follow you on Twitter often so they can stay updated on your content.
You can quickly remind them to follow you in various ways:

You can quickly remind them to follow you in various ways:

  1. Custom Cloudbot timers: You can customize a message that appears in your chat, reminding viewers to follow you.
  2. Twitch panels: Create custom Twitch panels with specific links for each social media platform
  3. Update your Twitch profile: You can update your profile in your Twitch creator dashboard, which will automatically include links in your bio.

What is GoLiveBot

The GoLiveBot is an easy-to-use tool that connects to your Twitter account and automatically updates your profile picture when you go live.

With their new update, you can automatically update your Twitter banner with your Twitch stream information; this will let your followers know when you are streaming and entice them to check out your channel.

How to use GoLiveBot

To start using the GoLiveBot, you first need to install the app. Once you have installed the app, you will need to connect your Twitter accounts.

Step 1: Install GoLiveBot

Step 2: Sign in to Twitter

Step 3: Update your name and bio. 

Step 4: Update your profile picture. You can use their default image or upload your own.

Step 5: In the latest update for GoLiveBot, you can now update your banner image. By default, the banner image will include a red outline and text that indicates your live with a picture of the platform you are streaming on. Other options to add a Facebook and YouTube image are available as well. If you want to make a custom image, you have the opportunity to upload your own as well.

Now, all you need to do is go live, and your profile picture, bio, and banner will update automatically to indicate you are live. 

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