Stream+Care is a crucial service that creates the basis for a healthy & thriving community. This app reminds the streamer and their viewers to be aware of various actions (such as taking regular sips of water and maintaining good posture).

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🌱 Why you NEED Stream+Care 🌱

  • Boost Viewership: Investing in your viewers’ wellbeing and health can help to GROW your overall community. Many streamers have found that Stream+Care creates a routine for new AND existing viewers. This increases both viewer engagement and enhances stream growth.
  • Better Content: Taking care of your health as a streamer is EQUALLY important if you want to maintain energy levels for entertaining content. Streamers often spend extensive periods sitting down, so Stream+Care commits to caring for your lengthy streams. A better wellbeing = higher quality content.
  • You are fully in control: You can decide which alerts and checks you want to use. Simply use the enable/disable switches. You can also choose how often you wish to be alerted.
  • We support ALL streaming platforms! (Twitch, YouTube, Facebook Gaming etc.)
  • Stream+Care is non-invasive, like all Streamably services!

How to use Stream+Care

Stream+Care gives you options to trigger alerts to remind you to drink water, check posture, and get up and move around. Alerts will trigger once at custom time intervals that you set within the app.

Make sure you add an Alert Box source to display your water and posture checks.

Water Check Alert

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