A+ video quality powered by NVIDIA and multi-track audio now available

Latest Streamlabs Desktop update brings 2 amazing features that will supercharge your stream:
(1) latest NVENC video encoder

(2) multi-track audio

First, new NVENC integration

Thanks to the talented teams at NVIDIA and at OBS Project, with the new NVENC integration in Streamlabs Desktop you get 3 things as a streamer:

  1. Increased quality and performance of your game. Specifically, higher FPS in game while streaming from the same PC
  2. Better video quality of your stream at the same bitrate. This means your viewers will get a higher-end video experience
  3. Better performance in Streamlabs Desktop

In short, your game will run smoother and your stream will look better to your community

Sounds good. How do I get started?

  1. Make sure you have an NVDIA graphics card. These benefits are only available to users who are streaming on an NVIDIA graphics card.
  2. Make sure Streamlabs Desktop is updated to version 0.12
  3. Open <settings> in top right corner
  4. Go to <output> in the left nav and select NVENC (new) under recording drop down
Select NVENC (new) under Output in Settings to up your stream quality and to increase FPS

Once NVENC new is enabled, you will get higher FPS and a better quality stream.

Next, we built multi-track audio recording. With this feature the largest benefit is the ability to control and customize which audio sources are played on your stream. This matter especially as you think about copyright content.

Streamlabs Desktop became the best tool for a creator who wants to grow on both Twitch and YouTube. Why? Because you can now:

  • Stream at high quality with upgraded NVENC support
  • Record static video content for your YouTube channel at even higher quality simultaneously
  • Manage your audio content such that one track is part of your broadcast and another part of your static video recording

Questions? Feedback? Please share via https://discordapp.com/invite/stream or [email protected] We are listening and we are eager to improve.

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