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The newest app from the Layer One team is going to take your broadcast to the next level. Epic moments, terrible fails, hilarious outakes? All easily captured with “Rewind.” Much like a replay you’d see in a sporting event “Rewind” allows you to show your best moments again live and without a full production team. With customizable timing windows you can make sure no one misses your best moments.

Layer One is happy to take the load off your hands and offer this exclusive and new take on streaming. We strive to not only understand the needs of broadcasters, but also to revolutionize the industry for creators big and small. As the first iteration of “Rewind” hits the market know that we are constantly working to improve the features that are available to you.

Rewind helps you seamlessly go from making a great play to showing a great replay at the press of a button. With features like the Library to keep all of your replays in one place, a slew of actions to help your broadcast in ways like never before, and social engagements to help reach new fans all around the world, Rewind and Layer One are here to help.

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If you have questions or need help, feel free to get in touch with us via Discord or Twitter!

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