Thinking of adding Merch to your stream? Here’s what you need to know.


Hey guys, quick intro: my name is Geoff, PM for Streamlabs Merch. I’ve been manufacturing apparel for close to 14 years now and I am super excited to share news about what we’ve been developing over the past 9 months. We’ve been working on creating an all-in-one solution to integrate custom Merch directly into your stream. Before this, you either had to manage your own T-shirt campaigns on TeeSpring, order bulk from a printer and handle fulfillment yourself, OR be a big enough streamer for somebody like Amazon or DesignByHumans to offer you their services.

Even if you did one of the above to sell Merch, there were so many moving pieces including the most important: recognizing and thanking people who bought Merch during your stream with custom alerts.

We recognized this gap in the market and made it our goal to create an all-inclusive product/service where all you do is upload your logo and promote your Merch during your stream; we handle the rest.

We scoured the earth to find the best quality printing/fulfillment centers. We hired the most talented team of developers to curate and deliver the best UI/UX possible (and continue to improve it daily). And we’ve added over a dozen more customer support members to help with anything that may arise.

All that said, our team is officially ready to launch Streamlabs Merch and I hope this post can shed some light on some FAQs we’ve been getting regarding printing techniques and how Streamlabs Merch compares to other companies out there.

Fast and Easy Setup — Just a Couple of Clicks

To get started, it’s as easy as logging into Streamlabs, clicking the Merchandise Store tab on the left, and begin uploading your logo/designs onto our dozens of products. We will be adding more products as we go, but for now you definitely have your essentials! To quickly get your store set up without having to individually upload each product:

Try our Upload Wizard!

Click “Merchandise Store” on your Streamlabs dashboard

No Logo? No Problem.

If you don’t have a logo or you’re looking to redesign a new one, check out FIVERR, a crowd sourced marketplace offering design services for all budgets.

Click Here

How We Print and Why

One of the most common questions is “Do we print using DTG (Direct-to-Garment) or screen printing?” In short, 99% is DTG because it’s 0 risk and we handle all the shipping to your customers for you. We do offer screen printing, but there is a 48 piece minimum required and we ship all of them to you. Check out the chart below to get a better understanding of what both techniques include.


(Pro Tip: most streamers use DTG)

Lightning Fast Delivery

Our average production time is less than 48 hours and shipping takes usually 2–3 days. All in, you’re looking at 5 days to bring just an idea in your head to viewers actually holding your branded Merch in their hands! We accomplished this by implementing 3 fulfillment centers (2 in the US and 1 in Europe) so even international customers don’t have to pay vague customs taxes. It’s truly a magical experience!

Streamlabs Merch fulfillment center

Why Streamlabs Merch is Better

All of the information above was collected from readily available FAQ pages on each company’s website.

Coming Soon

In addition to all these features in the chart, we’ll be implementing a BYOM (Buy Your Own Merch) feature, which will allow you to purchase at a discounted price so you can rep it during your stream and a Giveaway Widget so you can run a Merch raffle during your stream to engage and grow your viewers! New products coming soon include: hats, slippers, flip flops, stickers, and more.

Mock up of Merch Giveaway Widget

If you have any questions, follow us on Instagram @StreamlabsHQ and feel free to reach out: [email protected]

Here’s some happy streamers that currently use Streamlabs Merch:

MissBlackBear Store HERE
RioluTM Store HERE
CivRyan Store HERE
SirLeigh Store HERE
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