Today we’re excited to officially announce our latest widget: StreamBoss. If you’ve been paying attention, StreamBoss has been on our site for a while as a beta feature.

Default theme

StreamBoss works with all events on your channel: follow, subscribe/re-sub, tips and cheers. The viewer who deals the last damage to the boss will be crowned the next boss on your channel.

There’s plenty of ways you can customize how your boss works, we are currently offering a wide variety of layouts and modes:

  • 3 modes: Constant, Incremental and Overkill
  • 5 themes: No Image, Default, Future, Slim and Curve
Theme: Curve
Theme: Future
Theme: Slim

We also support full HTML/CSS support so you can customize your StreamBoss even further to your liking.

Custom StreamBoss made by @mnrART

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