Streamlabs introduced another way for streamers to make money in 2018.

Literally making it rain

This is a Face Mask ☝️. It’s a 3D animation that’s mapped to your face in real time from your webcam. Your viewers get to pick which mask comes with their donation. So at long last, your viewers can now teabag you.

During our beta test, streamers who enabled face masks saw donation revenue increase by 32% on average. Best of all, we saw many genuine laughs as streamers got surprised by their generous viewers.

At Streamlabs, we build tools to help streamers turn their passion into a business. With Face Masks, our goal is to make donations more fun for both viewers and streamers.

Hot Dogs!

What makes Face Mask donations so different from tipping alerts?

The surprise factor

Our favorite thing about Face Masks is when viewers use them at exactly the right time to create a priceless moment.

Distracting a streamer with a well timed gif or media share is always fun. With Face Masks, a viewer can go further and actually change how the streamer looks.

Deal with it!

Since the viewer is in control of which mask plays, we’ve made sure that every available Face Mask is appropriate for all audiences. Some might hurt your feelings as a streamer, but we think the extra donations will make up for it ;)

When we first started working on this feature, we built it because it seemed like a ton of fun. Now we are realizing that Face Masks can significantly add to the production quality of a stream and could be the next evolution in viewer interaction.

Party Parrot!

How It Works

Face Masks work like normal donation alerts in the sense that the viewers can donate money to you from your tip page to cause a mask to appear on-screen. Just like with donation alerts, you keep 100% of all Face Mask donations.


During checkout, your viewers can pick one of the masks available in the free rotation or a random bonus mask each viewer gets for free. To keep things interesting, masks have different rarities: common, rare, epic, and legendary. The most entertaining masks tend to have the highest rarity. Because of this, you don’t get spammed with the same mask repeatedly and each donation is fresh and exciting.


Once viewers pick a mask and donate, an alert plays and the mask appears as a filter over your webcam in Streamlabs OBS. No action required from the streamer.

Each time a viewer donates to you, they receive points towards unlocking another random mask. This way, viewers are rewarded for each donation they make (every mask unlocked by a viewer is permanently theirs to keep and use on any channel they wish as often as they want). If your viewers want more variety in masks, they can optionally buy Mask Crates from Streamlabs to unlock new masks faster.

Every mask can be unlocked by donating alone. Buying crates only speeds up the pace at which viewers unlock new masks. As with your normal tips, 100% of your Face Mask donations will be yours to keep.

The core of the Streamlabs services will always be free. Features like Mask Crates allow us to keep it that way, while also giving your viewers a great incentive to continue donating to your stream.

Every crate is a new experience:

We’ve released 55 masks so far and have many more in the works. Each Face Mask belongs to a set. We currently offer 3 sets of masks centered around a theme and are planning many more in partnership with the live streaming community.

Our early access set contains some of our earliest work. From making your favorite streamer a king or a queen, to some dank memes everyone can enjoy, the goal with this one was to give viewers the tools to make you laugh. Here you’ll find the tea bag, a pile of hot dogs, and many more.

Get the stream into the holiday spirit with our seasonal crates:

Our spooky set was released around Halloween. This collection is filled with scary masks that let your viewers transform you into a lovecraftian horror, a wise wizard or a wicked witch.

Our newest, the holiday set, is filled with heartwarming mistletoe kisses and facewarming scarves.

We plan to release many new sets and retire old ones as we keep improving Face Masks, so new content will always be around the corner.

Give me the masks already!

Face Masks are only available in Streamlabs OBS, so if you haven’t made the switch yet, now’s probably the time. If you’re currently using vanilla OBS, SLOBS offers one-click import for all your scenes, settings, and sources directly from OBS. It should only take you about 30 seconds to go live with Face Masks.

If you’re already using Streamlabs OBS, just click here to Enable Face Masks, and check out a new way to grow your channel.

If you have any feedback or suggestions, especially on masks that you’d like to see us build, please share.

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