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Sep 01, 2022

Twitch Allows (Some) Simulcasting for Partners: What It Means for Creators

In a recent email sent to members of the Twitch Partner Program, the platform discussed some forthcoming changes. Here is everything you need to know.

In a recent email sent to members of the Twitch Partner Program, the live streaming platform announced that they are now allowing creators to simulcast on certain platforms. Previously, the Partner exclusivity agreement restricted streamers from live streaming on any additional platforms in order for creators to “focus solely on Twitch for live streaming to build their communities.” With this change Twitch now allows simulcasting only on short-form live stream platforms such as Instagram and TikTok (but not on Facebook and YouTube).  

While Twitch will not allow creators to simulcast on those above-mentioned web-based, Twitch-like platforms, they have loosened exclusivity restrictions to enable live streaming on these platforms for those who wish to engage their communities off Twitch. According to the email sent to partners, Twitch believes that simulcasting on multiple web-based platforms will create a “sub-optimal experience” for viewers. Because of this, if a Twitch Partner wishes to stream on Facebook and YouTube, they can do so immediately after ending a Twitch stream, according to the Partner exclusivity FAQs

In the email, Twitch noted that these changes have come about in response to a significant shift in the digital landscape since the Partner Program first launched, acknowledging that, more often than not, creators are using other platforms to help build their communities on Twitch. Currently, Twitch is updating the policy and will no longer enforce portions of the Partner agreement pertaining to streaming exclusivity. Partners can expect these changes to be reflected in the agreement in early 2023. 

On August 25th, Twitch hosted a Patch Notes chat about the changes regarding simulcasting, the loosening of exclusivity restrictions, and other updates to expect on the platform—we encourage you to check out the VOD to see what the platform had to say. 

Overall, this change will only impact Twitch Partners who are looking to stream to a handful of platforms.

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