As time goes on, change is inevitable; new games emerge, technology improves, and streaming platforms continue to create interactive features. Streamlabs adds support for these features as quickly as they come out. In doing so, we, too, have to make changes to allow for an excellent user experience. Today, we are excited to share with you a recent improvement in the way you set up alerts. Introducing Alert Box v2!

After including additional Alert Box functionality for multiple streaming platforms, the Alert Box settings were starting to get cluttered. Taking into account feedback from users, we created an updated Alert Box user interface. The resulting improvements include:

  • Variation focused Alert Box
  • Updated settings layout
  • On page alert preview

If you have feedback on ways we can improve Alert Box v2 even further, please follow us on Twitter and let us know.

Variation Focused Alert Box

Analyzing how streamers utilized the Alert Box brought to our attention an area of improvement with our current solution. As more users began to familiarize themselves with our existing Alert Box, we noticed that many streamers were using Variations. Variations allow streamers to customize their alert depending on whether certain conditions are met. For example, if someone sends you a $50 donation, a variation gives you the ability to play a different alert on the screen compared to someone that sent you a $10 donation.

As we noticed that variations were a big part of our streamers set up, we brought them front and center in our Alert Box v2. To simplify variation creation and editing, two main features were added: we combined events per variation and added multiple variation conditions.

How to Add Multiple Conditions

When creating a new variation, you can now select multiple events you want for each variation. For example, you can combine your Donations and Twitch Bits into one variation.

How to Add Multiple Conditions

You can then change the settings for both variations in one place. No more manually configuring the same variation settings in two places. Multiple conditions for each event have been added as well, so having the same alert for Tier 3 Twitch Sub and Gifted Subs is a cinch.

Updated Settings Layout

One of the main pieces of feedback that we took into consideration when coming up with an updated Alert Box was allowing users to see all of their settings without having to scroll. Having a more focused layout enables you to easily find a specific setting so that you can quickly make adjustments and get back to streaming.

All Settings Accessible Without Scrolling

On-Page Alert Preview

Having to test your alerts in a separate window is a bit tedious in our current Alert Box. We have remedied that by adding a preview window. Just select a variation, and in the Preview section, choose the event you would like to test under the Test Event label and hit the Send Test button.


If you have any questions or comments, please let us know. Remember to follow us on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.

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