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November 16, 2021

Streamlabs Studio FAQ

All of your Questions about Streamlabs Studio Answered

What is Streamlabs Studio?

Streamlabs Studio is a web-based broadcasting studio that allows console streamers to create an engaging live stream using viewer engagement tools made by Streamlabs

How Does it Work?

Streamers can choose “Streamlabs” as a destination within the Twitch app, log in to Streamlabsstudio.com to customize their stream, and Streamlabs Studio will broadcast the stream to Twitch along with any personalized widgets, overlays, or webcam included by the streamer.

Do I need a PC?

No, when you broadcast from the Twitch app, the stream is sent to Streamlabs Studio, which compiles all of your alerts, overlays, and widgets and then broadcasts that to Twitch. You can visit Streamlabsstudio.com from any mobile device to make adjustments to your stream or add additional widgets. 

Do I Need a Capture Card?

No, with Streamlabs Studio, a PC or capture card is no longer required to create a high-quality live stream. Streamlabs Studio allows console streamers to add alerts, overlays, and widgets to their streams in the same way pros do while maintaining an intuitive and simple-to-use solution.

Do I need an External Mic?

We recommend plugging in a headset with an integrated mic directly into your controller. Doing this will reduce latency and create a better experience for your viewers. We will add the ability to support external mics separate from your Xbox in the future.

Do I Need a Webcam

Streamlabs Studio works on any mobile device, meaning you can add your phone’s camera as your webcam. However, we recommend plugging in an external webcam directly into the USB port of your Xbox console. Twitch will automatically detect your camera and add it to your live stream.

How Can I Customize my Alerts

We connect your alerts to your Streamlabs account. To customize these widgets, log into Streamlabs.com, sign in using Twitch, and visit our widgets dashboard to customize each one. You can also apply a theme to use its design for your alerts, chatbox, and recent events widget.

How Much is Streamlabs Studio

Streamlabs Studio is available for USD 4.99 a month or USD 49.99 annually.

Can I add Different Scenes?

Yes, Streamlabs Studio comes with default graphics and images for Starting Soon, Be Right Back, and Stream Ending Soon scenes. You can also upload custom images on your own.

What is Auto Live?

When you toggle on Auto Live, your stream will automatically start when you press “Go Live” from the Twitch app. When you toggle Auto Live off, you’ll have to manually press “Go Live” from Streamlabs Studio to start your stream.

Can I Trial Streamlabs Studio Before Paying?

Yes, we offer a 7-day free trial to allow you to test all of the features in Streamlabs Studio.


What Payment Gateway do You Use?

Streamlabs Studio uses Braintree, a well-established, secure credit card payment gateway service to process your credit card payment.

Can I cancel my subscription at any time?

Yes, you can unsubscribe at any time. Your cancellation will be effective at the end of the prepaid period (when the year or month expires). Please consider that both subscriptions (monthly and annual) are recurring; therefore, if you wish to unsubscribe, you should cancel your subscription before your prepaid period ends.

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