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November 12, 2021

Ideas for Just Chatting Streams

Just Chatting stays at the top of the charts for viewers, so you may wonder how you could make a Just Chatting stream.

Ever heard of Twitch? Twitch stands out as one of the most popular streaming sites on the internet. People go on the site to share content with others and talk with people in the streamer’s chat.

Just Chatting stays at the top of the charts for viewers, so you may wonder how you could make a Just Chatting stream. If you want to understand what it offers and how you can become a Just Chatting streamer, you should check out these points.

What is Just Chatting on Twitch?

Twitch offers different types of content you can view. For example, some people play video games, some perform songs, and others host ASMR streams. Streamers can offer a variety of content on the platform, but others focus on Just Chatting.

You may wonder what is Just Chatting on Twitch. It refers to streams focused on interacting and talking with people in the chat. This allows the streamer to have fun while also letting those in chat become a part of the stream.

However, Just Chatting can pose some challenges, so you should consider the ideas, topics, and features listed below.

Three Just Chatting Stream Ideas

However, some people may find it boring if the streamer sits and just talks the whole time. Due to this, many streamers will plan an activity while they stream. We want to talk about some Just Chatting stream ideas, so you can liven up your stream.

1. Make Some Art

Many streamers will create art while they talk with their chat. This can include making drawings, creating arts and crafts, or anything else you want to do. Many people like to learn about art while having the chance to ask questions and talk with others.

As you create different types of art, you can improve your skills while having fun discussions. That way, if you run out of topics to talk about, you can always turn the discussion to your art.

2. Browse the Internet

Streamers also like to hop online and look at different websites. For example, they may watch videos on YouTube or go to websites they like.

You could also visit fan-requested sites, but you should check them beforehand. Many streamers will either turn off their screen sharing or look at the site on a different monitor. You don’t want anything against Twitch’s Terms of Service to show up, so you need to check first.

As you browse the internet, you can talk about what you encounter. You can also see if the content you come across reminds you of any stories you can share with your chat.

3. Cooking Food

If you like the idea of cooking during your streams, you could do that. It may require more setting up to do, but you can have some fun creating meals while talking with your chat.

You can bring a new recipe each week and share it with your chat. See if you can go through the steps and give your viewers some cooking tips. Even if you don’t have much experience with cooking, you can use your Just Chatting streams to learn.

Topics to Talk About While Streaming

Even if you plan interesting activities, you still need to talk about fun topics during your streams. If you have a hard time figuring out what you should talk about, you can try some of these topics.

  • Mention recent events in your life
  • Discuss news or announcements about subjects you find interesting
  • Grab a suggestion from your chat

It never hurts to look through your recent life events, so you can see what you should talk about. For example, if you went to a party or fun event, you could discuss those moments with your fans. However, you should avoid anything people can use to identify your personal information.

  • Avoid mentioning locations where you live
  • Don’t name the event if someone can track you with it
  • Avoid any other personal information.

If you don’t want to talk about yourself, you could focus on the news instead. For example, if you like to watch TV shows, you can talk about new episodes with your chat. However, you should keep spoilers in mind, so you don’t spoil people who couldn’t watch the episode.

Sometimes, you may not think of anything you can talk about with your chat. However, chat members may post their own questions. Pay attention to these comments and questions, address the user, and get a conversation going about it.

You can always look to chat and see what they want to talk about, so you can keep everyone entertained.

Features to Help You With Just Chatting Streams

Tackling Just Chatting streams by yourself can be hard, so you could find some useful tools. If you want to understand how to stream Just Chatting on Twitch, you need to use products like Streamlabs.

Streamlabs offers a variety of tools to help you improve your stream:

  • Add pro overlays to your stream to make them unique and stand out
  • Make viewer tips appear on your stream
  • Choose from 46 different apps to improve your streaming experience

You can activate the overlays whenever you want to hide your camera. You can also add overlays to show important information like subscription goals, recent donations, and more.

The tips can appear on your stream, and you can set them up to play text-to-speech. This means a program will read the tips outloud, so you don’t have to read them yourself.

You can go through the many apps available to make your Just Chatting experience better. Each one offers a different feature, so you can focus on your chat and have fun discussions.

Make sure you go through the tools and features available to streamers. If you do so, you could figure out which ones will make your Just Chatting streams easier on yourself.

Final Comments

If you want to know how to stream Just Chatting on Twitch, you should use these tips. They’ll help you stand out on the platform. Make sure you do your best to interact with chat, find interesting topics, and keep their attention through fun activities.

You can use any tip above, so make sure to review them and better your streams. That way, you can have a good time while making your viewers happy.

If you have any questions or comments, please let us know. Remember to follow us on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.

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