Before we get into solutions and breakdown of what happens when Streamlabs OBS crashes, you should always ensure that your drivers are up to date.

Updating Windows

  • Search "update" in your Windows Start Menu > Check System Updates. You can then press the Check for Updates button to see if you're on the latest update.
  • Install Microsoft Visual C++ 2017 redistributable (both x64-bit and x32-bit)
    If you get a setup failed error, please go to windows apps and find the newest c++ entries (usually bottom of the list) and click on each one. Choose to modify then repair and restart after repairing both of them

Updating GPU Drivers

Another option is to perform a clean install of your GPU drivers.  We have a guide on how to do this here.


If you are still having the issue, you will need further support from our team- Please submit a ticket

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