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May 20, 2022

Streamlabs Alerts Now Support YouTube Membership Gifting

Set up YouTube Memberships Gifting alerts on your stream and share info on your gifter and the memberships they are gifting.

YouTube is rolling out a new way for streamers to earn revenue with gifted channel memberships. Gifted memberships can be purchased during a creator’s live stream and are distributed at random (prioritizing more interactive viewers). Viewers who are opted in to receive gifts will get a 1-month membership subscription.

Streamlabs widgets already support this feature!

By default, alerts will show the name of the gifter, how many memberships they are gifting and an alert for each new member. Cloudbot will also automatically alert chat.

You can customize your alerts, including making it a single alert every time or displaying the membership level name.

Image shows purple excited monster with text 5 memberships (tier 1) were gifted by John. Thanks!

To customize, click Alert Box in Streamlabs Desktop, click on Open Alert Variations, click Add A Variation With Custom or Default Settings, click Condition, then select your preferred options. You can use the Test button to see how it will look.

Recent Events in Streamlabs Desktop shows you gifted memberships as soon as they are received.

Image shows gifted membership alerts in Streamlabs Desktop with user John gifting 5 Tier 1 memberships.

YouTube is offering this new feature to a set number of streamers at a time. But rest assured, when it goes live for you, Streamlabs will have your alerts ready.

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