Today, Streamlabs is excited to announce Multistreaming, a new feature for Streamlabs OBS that gives live streamers the ability to stream simultaneously to Twitch, Facebook, and YouTube. Multistream from Streamlabs is the only experience entirely integrated into a popular desktop live streaming tool as a first-party integration. The process to go live is streamlined so that Multistreaming is as simple as linking your account, toggling it on, and going live.

As streaming platforms continue to grow, Multistreaming gives live streamers a better chance to reach a broad community of viewers. According to the latest live streaming industry report from Streamlabs and Stream Hatchet, Twitch experienced a massive 62.7% increase in hours watched last quarter. Additionally, the number of unique channels increased by 63.9%.


“While Twitch is still the industry leader, both Facebook Gaming and YouTube Gaming Live are undergoing massive growth as well,” said Bobby Baird, Director of Strategic Partnerships at Stream Hatchet. “While it is unfortunate that Mixer shut down operations, over five million streamers used their platform last quarter, meaning Twitch, YouTube, and Facebook now has an opportunity to secure a large ecosystem of potential live streamers.”

“Multistream enables creators to find and build a fanbase beyond any single platform, this is more important than ever,” said Ashray Urs, Head of Product at Streamlabs. “We’re excited to introduce Multistream to help our streamers reach more viewers and build an audience.”

Multistream is available for members of Streamlabs Prime, our premium toolkit designed to help live streamers broadcast like a pro. Among some of the most popular features, members can sell exclusive apparel through a customizable merch store and create a unique branded website with Creator Sites. What’s more, members receive exclusive access to the Streamlabs App Store, and premium overlay themes designed from top talent like Nerd or Die, Visuals by Impulse, and OWN3D.

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You can download Streamlabs OBS here.

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