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Aug 05, 2020

Merch: Shipping, Packaging, Fulfillment and Import Duties

Where do Products Ship From? There are shipping and fulfillment centers worldwide, but some items may only be sourced in specific regions. The...

Last Updated on February 14, 2022

Where do Products Ship From?

There are shipping and fulfillment centers worldwide, but some items may only be sourced in specific regions. The largest fulfillment centers are located in the US, Canada, Mexico, Latvia, Spain, England, Brazil, Japan, and Australia. The specific fulfillment center will be selected based on inventory levels and delivery location.

Items Shipped Internationally Might Include Extra Fees

Items shipped internationally may include additional fees like customs, VAT, and other clearance fees that the post office charges upon receiving the ordered items.

Depending on availability, some apparel items may be shipped from the United States or the EU without our knowledge. Our fulfillment partners reserve the right to do so to fulfill orders in a reasonable amount of time.

  • VAT (Value Added Tax) is charged to all orders fulfilled in Europe, with shipping destinations in the EU.
  • VAT is calculated as (product cost + shipping) * Country’s VAT%.
  • Orders going to Australia now have to have a 10% GST (Goods and Services Tax) imposed by the Australian government.
  • Starting in February 2022, a consumption tax will be added to orders fulfilled in Japan but delivered outside of Japan.

How are Products Packaged for Shipment?

Because of the variety of products we fulfill, we package each item based on dimension requirements to ensure protection during shipment. Generally, posters are shipped in kraft tube boxes with plastic end caps. Frames and canvases are usually shipped in corrugated boxes, ranging in dimensions of 26x20x18 to 28x5.5x38. Since carriers calculate live shipping rates mainly by the zip code entered, an incorrectly formatted address could be entered and the package can still ship from our facility.

In some scenarios, the local post can still make the delivery depending on the error that was made in entering the recipient address.

If they cannot deliver the package, it will be returned to our HQ. We will then notify you once this has taken place to take the necessary steps for a re-shipment. Within four weeks, you will need to confirm the updated and correct address and confirm the charges for reshipping the package.

How Long Does it Take for my Product to Reach Fulfillment?

We take about 2–7 business days to create custom apparel products (t-shirts etc.) and 2–5 business days for non-apparel (posters etc.) products. We take between 10–20 days to create and deliver your order for international orders. Once your order is fulfilled, you should receive a tracking number via email.

You can check the status of your order by checking the link in the order confirmation email that you received (be sure to check your spam folder). Please be sure to include your order number when you email us about the status of your merch order.

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