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Nov 01, 2017

Improved Streamlabs API; Patreon and Extra Life integrations; Brand new Schedule Extension

We are excited to kick off November with wide range of new product announcements: Our new and improved Streamlabs API, third-party…

Last Updated on April 17, 2018

We are excited to kick off November with wide range of new product announcements: Our new and improved Streamlabs API, third-party integrations with Patreon and Extra Life and a brand new Twitch Extension — Schedule and Countdown Panel Extension.

Improved API

A few months ago, we introduced a new websocket API. Developers can get event data instantly. Today, we are announcing more additions to the Streamlabs API.

Control Alerts via our API.
As well as our Loyalty points.

Developers can now control alerts via our API. That includes skip, mute/unmute, pause/unpause and send out test alerts. The same applies to our loyalty points. Developers can manipulate point balances with our API.

We are excited to have developers using our new API to make streamers life easier. Ankhbot, one of the most popular chatbots, has already started using the new API and we are excited to see more integration with other chatbots and developers.

Integration with Patreon and Extra Life


Patreon and Extra Life is now supported by Streamlabs. We are going to add more 3rd party integrations and you can discover and manage your integrations here.


Patreon pledges and Extra Life donations now have their own alerts. You can customize them just like tipping or subscription alerts.

Pledges and Extra Life donations also appear in Revent Events
As well as Event List

3rd-party integrations are supported within our Recent Events, AlertBox and Event List widgets. We are working to add support for other widgets as well.

Brand new Extension: Schedule & Countdown


Our latest Panel Extension lets your viewers know your streaming schedule. It also has a countdown until your next stream. Check it out here.

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