June 2020 sparked long-overdue attention on racial and social justice. Streamlabs launched its BIPOC Equality Commitment, a long-term response plan to end systemic racism both internally and among the global creator community. As part of this initiative, Streamlabs launched a ten year, $1,000,000 minimum commitment to organizations focused on the fight for racial equality. To date, Streamlabs has donated the first $100,000 to these nonprofit organizations:

  • WeXL, a non-profit that champions diverse people from untapped communities by elevating their stories and providing key tools to succeed.
  • The Center for Policing Equity, a research center that collects data and helps law enforcement agencies identify ways to improve their relationship with the communities they serve.
  • Favored Nations, a nonprofit organization that leverages creators, influencers and celebrities to crowdfund and raise awareness for causes including racial and social justice.

With the Streamlabs donation, WeXL was able to launch American Wellness, a video series featuring Miss Wisconsin USA 2020 Gabriella Deyi as she explores how present-day issues affect diverse populations’ mental health in the U.S. “The #Creators4BIPOC grant from Streamlabs enables WeXL to champion and aid talented creators. By producing original programs like American Wellness, we better understand complicated issues impacting diverse communities while connecting them to resources and solutions.” — WeXL Founder and CEO Arabella DeLucco.

Learn more about American Wellness by reading the press release from WeXL or watching their video.

With the help of our donation, Policing Equity was able to launch a pilot program and partner with local law enforcement agencies, including the Seattle Police Department, with the goal to eliminate racially disparate policing and produce public safety worthy of community trust through data and de-escalation of policing.

The #Creators4BIPOC movement will happen each May under the ten-year commitment. During this month, Streamlabs encourages all creators to get involved by contributing donations and streaming to support causes focused on racial equality through the Streamlabs charity platform.

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