On 4/1/2019, the domain will stop redirecting to To make sure you have no disruption in service, replace the text in the url with instead (the rest of the url will remain unchanged). 

Warning, Your TwitchAlerts Browser Source is Outdated. Please update your widget url's to avoid interruptions in service. 

If you've received the following error message, here's what you need to do: 

Step 1: Open Your Streaming Software

  • We'll use Streamlabs OBS in this example, but the process is the same for all streaming software.

Step 2: Edit Your Widget URL's

  • Click to select the widget
  • Click the settings to access the widget url
  • Replace each instance of with
    • The rest of the URL can stay the same
  • Click Done
  • Repeat this process for each widget that's referencing the domain


For more details on the migration from TwitchAlerts to, check out our blog

If you still need help replacing your widget URL, leave a comment below. 

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