Note: For more information about the rebrand, read this blog post.

TwitchAlerts is rebranding to Streamlabs, and with that comes a few adjustments that we need broadcasters to complete. More specifically, we need you to convert any URL that is still using to use

  • Update your widget links in OBS, XSplit, etc.
  • Update any links to your tip page.

We’re getting rid of the old tipping/donating urls in favor of a simpler, service-based url that opens up more options than just tipping in the future.

And that’s basically it! For the foreseeable future all links still using will automatically redirect to the right place, but you still will need to update yours to prevent any future downtime. We’ll start sending out reminders over the next 3–6 months for anyone who is still using the old links.

Edit (11:46am): Some users using older versions of OBS and CLR Browser have ran into some issues. We suggest closing your OBS completely, and reopening to prevent any caching of the old domain. If that fails to work, please consider upgrading your software, or removing and re-adding each of your widgets.

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