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Sep 10, 2022

How to Support Pakistan and Gain Access to $10,000 in Donation-Matching for Your Charity Stream

Pakistan is at the forefront of the global climate crisis, and this is how you can get involved by supporting charities on the frontline, helping those in need, plus how to gain access to a $10,000 donation match from Streamlabs.

Last Updated on September 19, 2022

One-third of Pakistan is underwater due to unprecedented monsoons flooding the country. Over 1,200 people have lost their lives, and 1 in 7 Pakistanis need help. With an estimated $10 billion worth of damage in the country, Pakistan desperately needs assistance. Today, we’re spotlighting some organizations lending a hand to those in need. Additionally, we’re sharing how creators can get involved in fundraising on behalf of these charities (and many others) through charity streaming and how to gain access to $10,000 in donation-matching from Streamlabs. 


Headquartered in Dallas, Texas, Baitulmaal is an international humanitarian non-profit organization that provides life-saving and life-changing aid to people in need globally. Currently, the organization is planted in Pakistan, helping families in need of basic resources such as clean water and food. As the flooding carries on, the organization continues its efforts to help families sustain themselves during this challenging time. Supporting Baitulmaal ensures that more families get the help and resources they need.

International Medical Corps

Committed to providing emergency medical services, healthcare, and training programs to those in crisis, the International Medical Corps has been assisting Pakistan since 1985. Their first program was focused on providing basic paramedical training to young refugees. Currently, the organization is still working hard to provide services to families in Pakistan that have been uprooted due to ongoing instability and natural disasters plaguing the country. 

Action Against Hunger

Annually, Action Against Hunger reaches 25 million people globally on its mission to end world hunger for good. Today, they are working on getting families in Pakistan access to food and clean drinking water. Due to the devastation caused by flooding in Pakistan, over 2 million acres of agricultural land have been destroyed, turning green fields into brown water. While the Pakistani government is doing its best to support and feed families, organizations such as Action Against Hunger are needed to further these efforts.

Save the Children

Children are undeniably the most precious beings on the planet. Unfortunately, when they are affected by a crisis like record-breaking monsoons in Pakistan, not only their futures are affected but the future of the world. Thousands have died from flooding in Pakistan, with children accounting for over a third of those losses. Save The Children “invests in childhood” by responding to their immediate needs during times of disaster. 


To mitigate the crisis in Pakistan due to natural disasters stemming from climate change, CARE has been working alongside its partners to help with sanitation, hygiene, and providing clean water to help improve the lives of those 1 in 7 affected Pakistanis. CARE is no stranger to working in some of the most vulnerable and challenging areas across the globe; however, supporting their efforts through monetary donations can make their work that much more efficient and effective  

Do Good Points

Return on Giving (ROG for short) is a pillar that Do Good Points stands on. When you donate through Do Good Points, a portion of your donation is reinvested into the Do Good Foundation to help the organizations they support gain more cause awareness and engagement. This means that your donation dollars stretch further, and the supported nonprofits can focus on serving communities in need. 

Humanity & Inclusion

In response to the climate crisis in Pakistan, Humanity & Inclusion is working to immediately help those displaced by the devastation get access to necessities such as food, water, warm blankets, soap, and cleaning supplies. “We’re seeing families that have lost absolutely everything and are living amid floodwater,” says Caroline Duconseille, Humanity & Inclusion’s country manager in Pakistan. Supporting this organization means providing urgent assistance to the over 6.4 million people affected by this disaster. 

What Can Streamers Do to Help?

If you’re interested in supporting a charity that is aiding flood victims in Pakistan, you can host a charity stream to bring your community together to make monetary donations to the organization(s) of your choice. Remember to find an amazing charity working to support through Streamlabs Charities, let your supporters know ahead of time and set a fundraising goal (no goal is too small, by the way). 

Streamlabs is also matching $10,000 in donations to charity streams fundraising in support of relief efforts in Pakistan. Below are the steps you can take to gain access to donation matching. 

  1. Choose a charity to support. 
  2. Set a fundraising goal. 
  3. Plan and host a charity stream to work towards your goal. 
  4. Hit your fundraising goal with the help of your viewers. 
  5. Streamlabs will match the amount you raised (until we run out of money).

Why Use Streamlabs Charity for Fundraising?

Streamlabs Charity is the best platform for fundraising because we take no fees from donations. We want to ensure that all your hard work from charity streaming isn’t in vain and that contributions from your supporters go straight to the charities on the ground, helping those in need. Unlike most other fundraising platforms, there are no annual fees, and 0% goes to Streamlabs, which is why both creators and charities trust us.

As always, we’re proud to be a part of your donation efforts and are here to help as best we can!

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