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Oct 09, 2020

Why You Should Host a Charity Stream for World Mental Health Day This Saturday

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In the United States, nearly one in five adults will experience a mental illness in their lifetime. At the same time, only 43 percent of them will receive professional mental health care. Access to mental health care and stigma around seeking it are both contributing factors to this.

As a member of the streaming community, you’re probably uniquely aware of this already, given the pressures and anxieties that go hand-in-hand with a career in live streaming.

Fortunately, non-profit organizations like HeartSupport are here to help. Streamlabs Charity is proud to be a partner of HeartSupport, and you can find them on our charity platform when you’re ready to start a fundraiser.

Start a charity live stream for HeartSupport today.


In 2011, Jake Luhrs — frontman of the metal band August Burns Red — founded HeartSupport. After every show, Jake would meet with fans and soon discovered a growing problem. Those he met were experiencing anxiety, addiction, depression, suicide ideation, self-harm, sexual abuse, and a slew of other mental health issues. Resolved to impact his peers, he created the organization to help men and women brave their wounds, find purpose, and discover healing.

HeartSupport’s mission is to help people tackle addiction, depression, suicide ideation, and other adversity while realizing they are loved unconditionally and supported by a community that believes in them. They offer peer-to-peer mentoring and support, recovery programs, daily live-streams on Twitch, care packages for people in need, and access to critical resources that help people who are struggling with mental illness.

I don’t even think I would be alive if I hadn’t found HeartSupport. I’ve found a family here, which is something I never thought I would have.

Some of their real-world impacts include:

  • 6.1 million minutes of support provided through stream across 383 streams during 856 hours live
  • 400k+ encouraging messages in stream and Discord
  • 1k+ handcrafted and individualized creative encouragement packages shipped all over the world
  • 338 live support wall replies (total length of 55 personalized movies of encouragement)

World Mental Health Day

This Saturday (October 10th) is World Mental Health Day, with the overall objective of raising awareness of mental health issues and mobilizing efforts in support of mental health. If you’ve been considering a charity stream for a good cause, now is the perfect time to get involved.

Streamlabs Charity is proud to be a partner of HeartSupport, and you can find them on our charity platform when you’re ready to start a fundraiser.

Streamlabs offers custom charity alerts for your stream, a donation goal, and all the widgets you need, and a dedicated charity donation page for your campaign. The best part is that we take zero cut of the donations, and charge no annual fee for streamers or charities.


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