The live streaming experience is all about viewer interaction. Emotes make that experience more fun for both the streamer and the viewer by encouraging others to chat. Viewers can spam emotes when something incredible, shocking, hilarious, or otherwise indescribable happens.


What is the Emote Wall Widget?

The Emote Wall widget will display animated emotes on the screen whenever people use them in the chat. It is a fun way to encourage viewers to participate in chat and can help increase the feeling of community.

How to add an Emote Wall to Your Stream

Adding an Emote Wall is simple. First, go to, login, and click on “All Widgets” from the “Features” section.


To add the Emote Wall to your live stream, you will need to copy the widget URL to your clipboard.


Open Streamlabs OBS and add a “Browser Source” in the scene you’d like the Emote Wall to appear. When the settings for “Browser Source” appear you can paste the widget URL and click done.


Now when people use an emote in the chat they will appear on your screen!

Emote Wall Settings

The Emote Wall comes with a few adjustable settings including:

  • Emote Duration: Controls how long an emote will appear on the screen
  • Emote Scale: Controls how large the image of the emote will appear
  • Combo Required: An emote will spawn each time it is seen in chat
  • Ignore Duplicates: Duplicate Emotes per chat message will be ignored

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