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January 15, 2020

How to Manage Merch Giveaways on Stream

Today, we are going to show you how to create and run a merch giveaway during your live stream after you create a merch store using…

Today, we are going to show you how to create and run a merch giveaway during your live stream after you create a merch store using Streamlabs.

Having an active merch store is a major growth opportunity for live streamers. Not only does it gives you an additional avenue to receive supplemental income, but it also elevates your brand by giving your fans the opportunity to promote your live stream in real life.

You create a custom merch store for free today by simply visiting the merch admin dashboard on Streamlabs.com.

Creating a merch store is designed to maximize profits for you while minimizing the time it takes to get started. If you’d like to learn more about the benefits and features you receive when you open a merch store, check out our blog post with additional details.

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Create Your Giveaway

After you’ve built your Merch Store, you can create your first giveaway by heading to Streamlabs.com, logging in, and click on Cloudbot on the left-hand side. To run a giveaway and pick winners you must enable Cloudbot first.


After you’ve clicked on Cloudbot, you will see a variety of different Cloudbot functions you can customize. Click on the option called “Giveaways” to see additional merch giveaway settings.


Create a merch giveaway by clicking on Add Giveaway. This will open a dropdown menu with two choices: merch andcustom. To create a merch giveaway, you will need to have items in your merch store first and purchase the item you’d like to giveaway.

General Settings

In the general settings, you can adjust the name of your giveaway and enable the Timer and set the Duration in case you’d like the giveaway to automatically close after the time is up.


Advanced Settings

Under Advanced Settings, there are a few more options that allow you to customize the giveaway a bit more, let’s go over these as well:

  • Must be a follower to winOnce checked will prevent viewers that are not following from winning, however they can still enter.
  • Ticket Cost:used to assign a loyalty cost to entries if you are using our loyalty system.
  • Maximum Tickets per User:allows you to increase how many tickets your viewers can acquire.
  • Luck used to give some extra tickets upon entering.
  • Subscriber Bonus Tickets:add extra tickets to subscribers once they enter.
  • Non Subscriber Bonus Tickets:for viewers that are not subscribed to your channel.

Once you’re done, click Add and you’ll see your giveaways in the drop-down menu. When you are ready to commence your giveaway, simply press “Start Giveaway” to begin.


Giveaway Settings

The Giveaway Settings will open the following modal and give you a chance to customize the messaging that appears when viewers enter:


This is where you can adjust the default command, entry response and various other messages to your liking. We even have a giveaway reminder built-in under Repeat Giveaway.

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