As the live streaming industry continues to expand, it is now common to see live streaming features available on social media platforms. Live streaming gives creators a unique opportunity to engage with their community in a more personal way than posting images or videos alone. It is clear platforms are recognizing this and putting more emphasis on it and TikTok is one of the newest platforms to implement a live feature. 

TikTok has taken it one step further and started experimenting with letting creators live stream to their platform from a PC. Today we’ll show you how to live stream to TikTok using Streamlabs OBS. Please note, this feature is not available for everyone, but it is safe to assume that you’ll need to have a large following and/or utilize their live feature already to get access to it. If you don’t have access to this feature yet but feel like you’d benefit from it, we recommend reaching out to TikTok support. 

How to live stream from TikTok using Streamlabs OBS

To live stream on TikTok from a PC, make sure to first download Streamlabs OBS

Now, open TikTok, press the plus sign like you will be creating a video, and navigate to the live tab.

Access Stream Key & URL

To access your stream key and & URL for TikTok, press “Go LIVE”. A screen will appear with the Server URL and your Stream Key

After you access your URL and Stream you can paste them into Streamlabs OBS by navigating to the stream settings within the streaming software.

Change “Stream Type” to Custom Streaming Server and paste the URL and Stream Key. 

Now you can go live to TikTok from your PC using Streamlabs OBS.

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You can download Streamlabs OBS here.

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