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Aug 04, 2022

How to Host a Twitch Watch Party

Shaking things up on your live stream is a great way to keep things interesting for your audience. Read this article to learn more about hosting a Twitch Watch Party.

While gaming is the top streamed category on Twitch, creators are finding ways to be more creative on the platform such as moving into other categories (check out our look into the most popular Twitch categories) and changing up the type of content they stream. Shaking things up on your live stream is a great way to keep things interesting for your audience. One way to do this is by hosting a Watch Party. In case you’re not familiar, a Twitch Watch Party is when a creator live streams a movie or TV show available on Amazon Prime to watch with their viewers. While Watch Parties are available to all Twitch creators, you can only host a Watch Party if you also have an Amazon Prime account. Additionally, viewers must have a Prime account to take part.

If you’re interested in hosting a Twitch Party, you’re in the right place. Ahead is everything you need to know, from how to set up a Watch Party to ways to make your Party engaging. 

How to Add Watch Parties to Your Stream Manager

To host a Watch Party on Twitch, you must add Watch Parties as a Quick Action using the easy steps below.

  1. From your Creator Dashboard, go to “Stream Manager.”
  2. In the Quick Actions panel to the right of your screen, click the “+” sign. Quick Action options and a search bar should appear in this window.
  3. Under “Grow Your Community,” you should see a button labeled “Start Watch Party.” Select this option, and it will be added to your Quick Actions.

How To Connect Your Prime Account

Before hosting a Watch Party, the second key thing is to ensure your Amazon Prime account is linked to your Twitch account. To do this, follow these steps:

  1. The first time you launch a Watch Party on Twitch, you will be prompted to connect your Prime account. 
  2. Enter your Prime credentials and connect. If you sign out of Twitch, you may be asked to reconnect your Prime.
  3. Once your Prime account is connected to your Twitch account, you can search titles available to you and your audience.

Note: Some Prime content is regional, meaning if a viewer is outside of the region it’s available, the content will not be viewable to them. Try selecting content labeled as “widely available” to ensure as many people as possible will be able to join and enjoy your Watch Party.

How to Host a Twitch Watch Party Using Streamlabs Desktop

Before launching a Watch Party, you must be live on Twitch. If you’re using Streamlabs Desktop as your streaming software, you’ll be happy to know you can continue using it during your Watch Party. If you’re not familiar with Streamlabs Desktop and all the ways it can help enhance your Twitch Live Streaming experience, you should check out this in-depth explainer.

  1. If you’re using Streamlabs Desktop to stream on Twitch, set up your live stream as you normally would, making sure to disable all video sources except your webcam and mic.
  2. Head to your Stream Manager on your Twitch Creator Dashboard and select “Start Watch Party.” The countdown should begin, and the movie or show should start shortly.
  3. To watch with your audience, click “Open Watch Party in new tab” or go to your channel as if you were a viewer.

Note: Once you’re live and your Watch Party is launched, your webcam display will appear minimized directly over the chat. For best results, we recommend ensuring your webcam is maximized from Streamlabs Desktop so that your audience can see you. Additionally, your audience can mute and unmute you while viewing, so remind them before your Watch Party officially starts.

Ways to Make Your Twitch Watch Party More Engaging

Now that you’ve learned how to set up your Watch Party, it’s time for us to provide you with some tips for keeping it engaging and exciting. Below are some simple yet effective ways to host the best Watch Party ever. 

Tell Your Followers About Your Watch Party Ahead of Time

The same way you wouldn’t have a watch party in real life without inviting people, you shouldn’t have a Twitch Watch Party without asking your followers to join beforehand. Plan your party in advance so you can remind your audience on social media and during your live streams leading up to the big day. 

Have Your Viewers Help You Choose What to Watch

If you want to take things a step further, allow your viewers to vote on what you’ll view during the Watch Party. Have a few options (2-3 as not to overwhelm yourself or your viewers) and let your audience pick what they want to watch. Getting involved in choosing what’s streamed during the party will likely have them on the edge of their seats once the Watch Party is finally launched.

Play a Word Game 

Pick a few common words that are likely to be said by the cast of your Watch Party and have you and your audience take shots of water whenever they’re  said during the stream. This is a fun way to keep everyone engaged and hydrated. Remember to pick words that fit the theme or genre.

React and Provide Commentary!

If something happens during the Watch Party viewing that’s shocking, hilarious, etc., show your true reactions and give some quick commentary. Remember, your audience could have watched this content alone at their leisure but decided to watch with you. Share your opinions with them and keep them engaged. 

As you can see, hosting a Twitch Watch Party is the perfect way to mix up your content. Try hosting a Watch Party and tell us how it went on Twitter

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