With over 2.3M followers, the music and performing arts section on Twitch is a massive platform for artists. Artists can interact directly with fans, grow their brand, and make additional income via live streaming.


While Twitch is the largest streaming platform, Facebook and YouTube have their own perks. We recommend checking each one out and talking to your fans to see which platform they interact with already. With Streamlabs you can stream to any of them.

Many artists that already live stream find that by interacting directly with viewers, they can build an engaged fan base that will support them via donations and subscriptions.

For example, Jerod Collins, AKA The8BitDrummer, is a full-time streamer and has been streaming on Twitch for the last four years. He runs a drum-focused live stream that entertains thousands of viewers every day.

Matt Heafy, lead singer of Trivium, has taken it one step further and live streams his vocal recording and practice sessions. He even live streams his shows when the band is on the road.

Professional streamers might make it look easy, but setting up a live stream can seem like a daunting experience for some.

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