This guide will help you install Streamlabs Desktop and start live streaming in a matter of minutes.

First, download Streamlabs Desktop.

Next login with your live streaming platform of choice.

One click sign-in with major streaming platforms

Auto Optimizer

Use the Auto Optimizer to analyze your internet speed and computer hardware to get the best settings for your setup. If you are coming from different broadcast software, the import settings function in Streamlabs Desktop lets you transfer your settings in less than a minute.

We configure settings behind the scenes to optimize your stream

Add Your Microphone and Webcam

If you have a webcam and a microphone, Streamlabs Desktop will automatically detect it. Later you can change your mic through the audio mixer or change your webcam by right-clicking on your video capture source and opening properties.

Sharing your face and talking to your audience will make for a more fun experience for your fans.

Select your webcam and your mic. Your fans will thank you!

Overlay Themes

Next, choose a theme for your live stream. During the on-boarding process, you’ll be able to choose from many different themes. Theme overlay packages make your stream stand out and add a personal touch. There are over 250 free themes and many premium themes made by top designers in the industry.

Your stream now looks polished with one click!

Themes made by top designers

Streamlabs also offers multistream support to help live streamers build their brand by reaching fans across multiple platforms.

Multistream to expand your reach

Now that you’ve completed the onboarding process, you’re ready to press the go-live button and start streaming!

Check out the tutorials below to help guide you through the Streamlabs Desktop set up process:

Questions? You can reach us at:

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