As a live streamer, receiving a massive donation or being hosted by someone with a TON of viewers, can have an enormous impact on your live stream. Often, this one act of generosity can change your life forever. When these massive events occur, doesn’t it seem appropriate to play an alert that expresses just how impactful this event was?

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Our new Alert Box makes it easy to create custom alerts and celebrate those high impact events on stream. With Variations, streamers can play exclusive alerts depending on whether a viewer has met certain conditions when they send a tip. For example, if someone sends you a $50 donation, you can add a variation so that the alert played will be different compared to the alerts that fire when someone sends you a $10 donation.

Today we are going to dive in the Alert Box V2 settings, how to edit variations for alerts, and how to change the conditions that must be met to play that alert variation.

Global Alert Box Settings

To access your Alert Box settings, visit our website, log in, and click on Alert Box on the left side of the screen.

From here, you’ll see a screen that allows you to edit your global alert settings. These settings enable you to change things like how long it takes for the alert to display on your screen, the ability for mods to approve alerts, additional profanity filter checks, and so on. These settings apply to all alerts, including the default global event types and alerts with variations.


Global Event Types

These are the default alert types. They differ depending on the platform you are logged in to. In this case, we are using Twitch. We’ll use donations as an example; Let’s say someone sends you a donation. Regardless of the amount they send you, the alert you’ve customized on this screen will play on your live stream (you can change this later with variations, which we’ll get into later). The same logic applies to all global event types.

The settings you can customize on this page include the general layout of the alert, the image or gif that’s played, the sound, font, animation, duration, etc.

Donation Alert Settings

How to Add Variations

Adding a variation allows you to set specific parameters that must be met so that a different alert will play. This is a great way to create a special alert that only plays when a really extraordinary event occurs. We’ll just use donations as an example here, but remember, you can have multiple events tied to a variation, so having the same alert for Tier 3 Twitch Sub and Gifted Subs is a cinch.

Let’s say you would like a special alert to play when someone sends $10 or more.

  1. Click on Add Alert Variation from the main alert box settings screen
  2. Name your new variation. In this case, we’ll call it Donos $10 or more
  3. Choose the event you want this variation to apply to. In this case, we are only going to choose donations, however, if you want the same alert to play for multiple events, you can choose to do that here. For example, you can combine your donations and Twitch Bits into one variation.
Selecting event types for this variation

How to Change Your Variation Conditions

Next, you can set which specific conditions need to be met for this alert to play. The condition, in this case, is that the donation amount must be $10 or more. Different conditions are available depending on the event. We recommend you browse through the conditions of each event type and find out what specific conditions work best for you and your stream. You can also get super specific and add more than one condition if you’d like.

Setting the $10 min condition that must be met for this variation

Remember, if someone sends you a donation that doesn’t meet your variation conditions, the original alert from the Global Event Types section will play on your stream.

After you click Save, your new alert variation will pop up in the Alert Box settings page. Now you can customize your alert to create something truly special for your major supporters!

New variations for donations

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