Your Twitch “About” page should feature panels that are uniquely you, so if you’re a fan of the kawaii things in life (honestly, same) we have some delightfully cute Twitch panels to share with you. All of these Twitch panel templates can be found on the Streamlabs website and are able to be customized with different icons and fonts. The best part? Most of these panels have matching themes, including overlays, widgets, scenes, and animated transitions. Streamlabs Ultra makes it super easy to customize virtually every part of your Twitch presence! But enough with the chatter: Let’s get to the Twitch panel ideas.

90’s Doodles

Pink striped Twitch overlay panel with heart doodles

These panels are actually the “Kokoro” set but when paired with the “Kranky” font, it takes me back to the good old days of passing notes in class and drawing on my Trapper Keeper. These panels come in pink, red, green, blue, and purple. If you’re in touch with your inner child, these panels could be just right for you.

Plant Daddy

Vibrant green Twitch panel featuring leaves and ferns

While these panels are technically called the “Impact Dendro” panels, I can’t help but picture a studious gent, possibly wearing a cardigan, tending to his plant babies. If you also have a green thumb, these panels are perfect for you. They also come in blue, red, purple, and yellow.


Twitch panel with a wooden background and yellow leaves decor

Continuing with nature themes, we have the “Autumn Leaves” panels. I used the “Gorditas” font here and just looking at these panels makes me dream of baking pies, picking wild mushrooms, and strolling through a quiet forest. These panels are a must for any cottagecore fan and come in yellow, green, blue, purple, and red.

Cotton Candy Pixel

pixelated pink and purple pastel gradient twitch panel

Honestly, there aren’t a lot of things cuter than pixel art and the “Isolation” panels prove that. These 8-bit beauties come in pink, green, blue, and purple and appeal to the nostalgic gamer in all of us. The “Piedra” font was used here but this panel set would look good with a variety of typography styles.

Sunset Camper

twitch panel with cartoon trees illuminated by a gradient sunset

Next up is the “Dreamy” panels set with the ribbon style banner. This set has a matching overlay (which is stunning) and the panels come in blue, green, pink, purple, and red. With this set, you can add cozy sunset (or sunrise) forest feels to your Twitch channel. For those who love camping, glamping, or just forests in general, these panels live up to their name.

Neon Rainbow

Black twitch panel with a neon rainbow gradient outline

Now that it’s Pride month, it could be the perfect time to refresh your panels with the “Chroma” set (though personally, I’m a fan of rainbows all year round). The heart icon can be changed to fit the title of your panel and the rainbow gradient comes in three other hues. Streamlabs offers a ton of Pride themes that work well with this set so no matter what kind of content you stream, “Chroma” will look great on your “About” page.

Fairy Clouds

pastel themed twitch panel featuring a cartoon cloud

This particular set, “Cute Clouds” reminds me of a popular character duo from Japan (Hint: They’re twins). Available in green, pink, purple, and yellow, these panels are sure to charm any pastel lover. Streamlabs offers several overlays with colorful clouds too, making it easy to have a cohesive theme across your entire channel.

Panel Titles to Include on Your Twitch

There’s no exact formula for what to include on your Twitch profile, but we have a few ideas to get you started:

  • About Me (tell readers a little about yourself and the type of content you stream)
  • Schedule (let people know when you’ll be live)
  • Donate/Tips (a custom tips page is included with your Streamlabs Ultra membership)
  • Discord (link to your personal Discord server)
  • Merch (it’s very easy to set up your own merch store with Streamlabs)

If you want to go further with customization, here are some more unique Twitch panel ideas you can try out:

  • PC Specs (lots of people who watch streams are curious as to what you’re running)
  • Stream Setup (let viewers know what kind of gear you’re using)
  • FAQ (saves you time by answering some questions upfront) 
  • Playlist (share tunes frequently played on stream with your viewers)
  • Rules (be clear about behavior that will get users banned)
  • Wishlist (sometimes followers want to give back to their favorite streamers!)
  • Chat Commands (new viewers can learn all sorts of important details by typing commands in the chat)
  • Personal Website (link to your blog, portfolio, social media, etc).
  • Charity (let viewers donate to a charity of your choice with just a click)

We hope you enjoyed having a look at a few of our favorite cute Twitch panel ideas. Remember that all of these panels, as well as so many more (seriously, pages and pages!) are included with a Streamlabs Ultra membership. Change the look of your page as often or as little as you want - the choice is yours! We’ll be showcasing more unique panel ideas over the coming weeks so stay tuned for the fun. 

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