What do we want? Kawaii stream overlays! Where can we get ‘em? From Streamlabs! Sorry for shouting, we’re just really big fans of cute overlays. With thousands of overlays, widgets, and Twitch panels to choose from in the Streamlabs Library, you can customize your stream in seconds with a few simple clicks. Today we’re featuring some of our favorite cute stream overlays, both free and premium. 

What are Premium Overlays?

Premium overlays are high-quality overlays, often featuring special details like animations, custom transitions, and other effects. Most of our premium overlays have matching alert widgets and creator site themes, making for a cohesive, professional-looking stream. You can access all of our premium overlays with a Streamlabs Ultra membership ($19 USD per month). Joining Ultra gives you a ton of other benefits too, including multistreaming, a custom merch store, VIP support, and so much more. You’ll definitely want to check it out, especially if any of the overlays in today’s post catch your eye.

Fluffy by Hexeum

A cute pink streaming overlay with clouds, fairy lights, and a frog.

What could be cuter than pink and white gingham, a star-shaped string of lights, and a chunky frog? That was a rhetorical question, btw . Fluffy by Hexeum is too precious for words. This premium overlay has lots of fun animations and a matching widget theme you can also download (yes, the frog is included). 

Space Bear by StreamSpell

A cute purple streaming overlay with a bear, tiny planets, and stars

Keeping with the cute animal theme, Space Bear by StreamSpell offers tiny planets, glowing stars, and a flying bear transition (no bears were harmed in the making of this overlay). Space Bear is so cute, it’s out-of-this-world. 

Choco Lovers by StreamSpell

A cute Twitch overlay with a chocolate theme

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, Choco Lovers by StreamSpell is one of the sweetest overlays in our collection. If you’re part of the “chocolate should be celebrated year-round” camp (us too), then you definitely won’t want to miss this overlay. A tiny latte and a chocolate bonbon decorate the webcam frame, but the real showstopper is the chocolate syrup swirl transition. Satisfy your sweet tooth by adding Choco Lovers to your next stream.

Bubble Soda by Jusmi (Free)

A free live streaming overlay with a cute retro theme

A cute 90's themed live stream overlay

Bubble Soda by Jusmi looks as cute as it sounds. This free overlay is giving cute, 90’s charm with its bright colors, bubbly font, and fun shapes. If the words “Clueless,” “Lisa Frank,” or “Trapper Keeper” set your heart aflutter, this is the overlay for you. 

Cats by StreamSpell

A kawaii cat themed streaming overlay in pink

If loving pink cats is wrong, we don’t wanna be right. Cats by StreamSpell is a cute, simple overlay featuring cats in coffee cups and one of the best webcam frames we’ve ever seen (the ears even twitch!). Grab the Cats overlay along with the matching alerts and site theme for a purr-fectly precious stream. Before you ask, there’s a dog overlay and a free, blue edition of the Cats overlay. 

Stars by TacticalLionDesigns

A pastel galaxy themed twitch overlay with stars and planets

Pastel stars and planets make Stars by TacticalLionDesigns a must-have for galaxy-loving streamers. The starting, BRB, and ending screens feature animated shooting stars and the webcam frame is a simple but sweet combo of pastel swirls and stars. If you use Stars on your stream, we know you’ll love it to the moon and back.

Lofi Twilight by StreamSpell

A cute and cozy room themed Twitch overlay with rainbow colors

Brimming with colors of the magic hour, Lofi Twilight by StreamSpell feels like a warm hug from your favorite feline. The golden fairy lights, cozy bedroom backdrop with sleeping kitty, and sherbert-colored sky is a perfect mix of comfy meets cute and we’re here for it. 

Lo fi Room by Kudos

A cozy lofi room Twitch overlay with blue and purple

Another room theme with a bit of a different vibe and color scheme, Lo fi Room by Kudos is a dreamy delight. This animated overlay is brimming with twinkling stars, lazily drifting clouds, and a cute kitty’s tail wafting in the breeze. We can’t think of a better overlay for a late-night stream session. 

Kawaii: Kitty by StreamSpell

A cute kitty themed live stream overlay in pink and white with bows

Though this overlay doesn’t show everyone’s favorite white cat with the red bow, we can assume it was modeled after her. Kawaii: Kitty by StreamSpell is exactly the kind of overlay you’d expect from the queen of cute. This animated overlay features apples, milk bottles, bows, and a sweet pink and red color scheme. There’s equally cute overlays modeled after Kitty’s friends My Melody and Kuromi that you should definitely check out too.

Cute Waifu by Kudos

An anime girl live stream overlay for Twitch

This overlay has “cute” in the name, so naturally, it had to make the list. Cute Waifu by Kudos features an anime gal in a sweet hoodie, floating stars, and spinning Japanese characters. Channel your inner VTuber or otaku with this overlay and your viewers will be saying, “notice me, senpai” before you know it.

How did you like our round up of cute stream overlays? There’s plenty more where these came from over in the Streamlabs Library. A Streamlabs Ultra membership will grant you access to all the premium overlays, widgets, and alerts. If you don’t have a membership yet, you can type “free” in the search bar to check out over 350 free overlays. We’re adding new overlays all the time, so check back regularly for updates. Keep it kawaii, keep it cute, but most importantly, have fun streaming!

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