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Nov 02, 2022

Stream Overlay Ideas for Multiple Guests

Whether you’re hosting a podcast or an epic co-op gaming session, you’ll need the right overlay to accommodate all of your guests. Here are some great overlays to use with Streamlabs Collab Cam.

Last Updated on November 22, 2022

Streamlabs Collab Cam has officially changed the game. With Collab Cam, streamers can host friends, family, or other streamers on their channel easier than ever before. No muss, no fuss, just send your Collab Cam link to your guest(s) of choice, have them click, and you’ll be connected within seconds.

 **Streamlabs Collab Cam is free to use for one guest. Additional guests (up to four) can be added with a Streamlabs Ultra membership.**

Since you can now go live with multiple people, you might be wondering how to set up your overlays and scenes in Streamlabs Desktop accordingly. We offer a ton of overlays in our library, including free themes as well as premium (available with Streamlabs Ultra). Here are some of our ideas for smart, eye-catching overlays that will look great on your stream. 

4 people on stream at the same time with Streamlabs Collab Cam


The overlay shown here, Pride Neon, is available for free in our Streamlabs themes library. You can technically make just about any overlay work with multiple guest cameras, but Pride Neon is one of our many themes that comes with this four person configuration already set up for your convenience. Though only four people are shown here, you can host up to five (including yourself) with Collab Cam. This overlay is perfect for a four person podcast or just chatting stream as everyone’s camera has equal screen space.

Streamlabs Collab Cam, 4 people, and a tabletop game simulator on stream at the same time.

Tabletop Gaming

Have your tabletop game (IRL or simulator) front and center with this great overlay. We used Dragon Valley, a fully animated premium overlay, and tweaked it to accommodate four cameras and a game capture. All you need to do to add more cameras to your overlay of choice is simply copy and paste the included camera frame as many times as you need. 

A pvp gaming session with two gamers, streaming live with Streamlabs Collab Cam

PvP Gaming

This stream setup was created with Neon Pixel, another free overlay in our vast library. It shows a clear view of your game, your camera, and your guest’s cam. Whether you’re playing a game together or your guest is simply reacting to your playthrough (or vice versa), this configuration will look great on your stream. Be sure to have your cameras facing each other for a cohesive look. Simply right click on the camera in your sources and select Transform to flip the camera horizontally.

2 pvp gamers on stream, as well as a game, with Streamlabs Collab Cam

Here’s another example of PvP gaming, Hexagons is a premium theme with a Collab Cam setup of three equal screen sizes. Simply place your camera and game sources underneath the overlay and click and drag to resize for a clean look. Hexagons also comes with a live scene, which allows for further customization, as well as Starting, Ending, and BRB screens.

Three people gaming in multiplayer with a shooter game in the background and Streamlabs Collab Cam

Multiplayer Gaming

Here’s a great example of how you can set up a stream with three or more participants. The gameplay is center stage but the streamer and guest cameras are still part of the action. Having the cameras off to one side in a column makes for an attractive setup. We made this configuration using Portals, which is another free overlay available in our library. 

2 musicians going live at the same time with Streamlabs Collab Cam

Music Session

This two camera overlay setup comes included with Mint Dusk, a premium overlay with an animated background. This scene features two camera displays, ideal for featuring yourself and a friend or even a second camera (up-close view of your hands plucking your guitar strings, perhaps?). Check out our article on how to use Collab Cam as a second camera for more ideas.

An interview session with 2 people streaming live with Streamlabs Collab Cam

Hot Seat

Invite a friend or fellow streamer to join you for an interview session. With Cybernetic, a premium overlay from our library, your guest will be in the “hot seat” as you grill them on stream. Naturally, this overlay also works for a 2 person podcast, jam session, or anything else you can dream up that requires a buddy. 

If you haven’t checked out the Streamlabs overlay library yet, what are you waiting for? We have thousands of themes, over 150 of which come Collab Cam ready with multi camera templates. As mentioned, you can customize most overlays to accommodate multiple cameras by simply adding more frames and resizing them to your liking. Which Collab Cam overlay are you planning to use on stream? We’re excited to see which one you choose!

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