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Sep 27, 2022

What’s New (and to Come) with Streamlabs Creator Sites

We've recently made updates Streamlabs Creator Sites—a simple way for creators like you to build a content-focused website that consolidates everything from your live stream and social feeds to your tipping page. Learn more here!

Last Updated on November 22, 2022

Building a brand as a creator requires you to have your hands in many different pots. From having a presence on various social media platforms to selling your merch, you can quickly find yourself virtually jumping from one place to another on the web while pointing your supporters in too many directions. If you’re looking to grow your brand while becoming more attractive to potential brand partners and fans, you must create one place for everything connected to your brand to live—that’s where Streamlabs Creator Sites come in.

Streamlabs Creator Sites is a simple way for creators like you to build a content-focused website that consolidates everything from your live stream and social feeds to your tipping page. Best of all, you don’t need any knowledge of web editing, coding, etc., to get started. All you have to do is use one of the high-quality themes and drag-and-drop editing components to start building your site today. Recently, we made a few updates to make using Creator Sites an even more incredible experience. Below is everything you need to know, plus what’s to come soon.

What’s New to Creator Sites

If you’re an OG Creator Sites user, one of the first things you’ll notice is the new dashboard page (which you can access under Brand from the left navigation panel of your Streamlabs Dashboard). Now, you’ll have easy access to customizing your website without needing to open the full editor to make changes, allowing you to have more control over your site and make updates quicker. Customizing your website is now easier than ever.

From your dashboard, you can set your primary live stream platform to Twitch or YouTube, change design elements such as colors, fonts, your logo, and navigation settings, and set your primary page to whatever you’d like for visitors to see first (i.e., your tipping page, merch, etc.). Also, you can customize your primary URL by using a domain you own or getting a one-year free domain (for Ultra users) to cater your site to your brand. 

Amazing Features for Streamlabs Ultra Users

Though the free users have a good amount of control over their Creator Site, Streamlabs Ultra members have access to some major features to really help bring their custom website to life while growing their brand. When you set up a custom domain, you can create a custom email (which is great for connecting with brands and potential partners). 

Additionally, you’ll be able to optimize your website for search engines and connect Google Analytics and Facebook Pixels to get in-depth analytics for your site. Lastly, Ultra users have the ability to create additional pages and customize layouts in the drag-and-drop editor. If these features interest you, joining Streamlabs Ultra may be your best bet. 

What’s to Come

We hope everyone finds these updates to Creator Sites super helpful. However, there is more to come. In the near future, we’ll be finding more ways for creators to get the best out of their custom sites, from improving the editor experience for Ultra users to providing templated pages so you can design your website even more quickly. You can also look forward to enhanced merch and tip page designs that allow you to create them separately if you wish for them to have different designs.

We’re always down to know what updates and changes creators would like to see from us next. Tweet us and let us know any feedback or suggestions that you may have. Good luck creating your website!

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