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Aug 27, 2021

Charity Pro Tip: Send Images, Logos, and Talking Points To Your Fundraisers

Maintaining a strong relationship with your fundraisers is a fundamental part of running a successful charity.

Pictures speak a thousand words, and successful charity-streaming campaigns will most likely involve images, logos, and talking points to prompt action. If you want to ensure buy-in from the community and funders, then it’s important to make your visual communication slick and efficient. It’s equally important to prepare fundraisers with the media assets that they need to do a good job.

Let’s explore the various ways to send visual assets to your fundraisers, and how to use streaming to connect with your audience.

Using Live Streaming to Connect Charities with Fundraising

Live streaming allows charities to connect with their audience in real-time. It also gives the audience an authentic experience when catching up on a fundraising campaign at a later stage.

Charities have started to use live streaming as a platform to raise millions online. When done correctly, there are several benefits of streaming. Consider the following as examples.

  • Reach a large audience all around the world
  • Spread awareness in an expansive manner
  • Streaming is a collaborative tool without geographical limitations
  • Serves as a low-cost fundraising campaign compared to other methods
  • The digital format inspires discussion and virality
  • Real-time streaming increases the authenticity of the online experience
  • Contributing funds towards a cause is an easy and efficient action

There are several resources that show how easy it is to start a live stream for charity fundraising, making it a very convenient method.

Streamlabs Charity is a fundraising platform that connects nonprofits with streamers who want to run charity streams on their behalf. Providing streamers with the necessary materials is essential for a successful campaign.

The Role of Media Assets

Although the actual fundraising event may be hosted on a particular platform online, the buildup is advertised and communicated on various other platforms.

Together with the live stream, social media, interviews, paid adverts, and networking meetings all play a role in a successful campaign. At the heart of these efforts are powerful visual assets such as the following.

Images and Videos

Nonprofits are able to inspire action by using effective imagery. Compelling images can make or break a campaign, so it’s important to be strategic in your selection. Photos and videos should tell a story, spark compassion and inspire action.


Branding is important for building awareness about the organization and the cause. Creating a strong brand identity will develop awareness, become synonymous with your cause, and reflect the mission. Sharing the logo and branding collateral is important to frame the charity’s fundraiser.

Talking Points

The main goal of a fundraiser is to earn money for a charity or nonprofit. The talking points need to center around this objective and include a powerful call to action. It should also cover the fundraiser’s mission, previous impact, and other facts.

World Wildlife Fund added climate related talking points to their stream overlays.

Tips to Share Media Assets with Fundraisers

When organizing a charity fundraising campaign, it’s important to equip your supporters to tell your story with powerful imagery. Understanding the technology and how it can work in your favor is essential.

Use Tools to Upload Media Assets

Uploading media assets can be tricky unless you have a designated platform to help the process. Streamlabs Charity makes it easy to streamline the process.

Streamlabs Charity has a feature that allows charities and nonprofits to upload media assets such as images, logos, banners, and talking points directly to their account. In the process, every charity streamer connected to the campaign will have automatic access to the files, empowering the charity’s fundraising efforts.

Add links to your images, logos, and talking points to your Media Assets page.

It’s important to be careful about the choice of pictures used in the advertising campaign. Each image that is shared with the fundraiser should be high-quality, well-framed, and, most importantly, should be legally owned by the organization.

Prepare in Advance

Each file your upload to your Media Assets will automatically be shared and available to all charity streamers who start campaigns for you.

Using a platform with a feature to upload media assets can help to prevent delay. Even so, it’s a good idea to send through all media files in advance so that the fundraiser has a chance to review the assets and come back with any concerns or questions.

Giving the fundraiser enough time to prepare appropriately could prevent any awkward moments while streaming live. It also opens up the opportunity to suggest improvements that will increase the chance of raising money.

Help Your Fundraiser Help You

Prioritizing media assets is an important part of preparing for a live stream fundraising event. Sharing these assets with fundraisers is key to raising money for the cause by offering guidance and assistance.

With Streamlabs Charity’s media assets page, sharing these files has never been easier. Streamers are also able to access and view these files when needed. By streamlining the process, fundraisers are more appropriately equipped and the opportunity to raise money and awareness is raised.

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