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Jul 09, 2021

New Feature! Timed Giveaways for Charity

Everybody loves a good giveaway. It’s no secret — in the streaming industry, giveaways always generate a ton of excitement. Earlier...

Last Updated on January 28, 2022

Everybody loves a good giveaway. It’s no secret — in the streaming industry, giveaways always generate a ton of excitement. Earlier this year, GrandPOObear hosted a charity stream for the Boys & Girls Club of Portland, where he gave away a sweet pair of custom Nike’s to people who donated more than $10 to the charity during a certain period of time. It was super popular, and the donations were at an all-time high while the giveaway was running.

Custom Nike’s given away during GrandPOObear’s charity stream

We realized that we could make it much easier for streamers to launch giveaways like this in-app, and we’re proud to announce that Timed Giveaways are now live on Streamlabs Charity.

How it works

Once you’ve created an account as a fundraiser on Streamlabs Charity and you create a campaign for an awesome nonprofit organization, you can then create a giveaway from your dashboard. Just add the name of the item you’re giving away, the amount of time it will run for, and the minimum donation required to enter.

Once you copy the browser URL for the giveaway widget, you’ll be able to add it into your broadcast software as a browser source.

The timed giveaway widget will display on your stream once you add it into your broadcast software.

While the giveaway is running, Streamlabs Charity will automatically track donations that your audience makes to your charity campaign (above the minimum threshold you chose). When the timer runs, we’ll randomly pick the winner and display the results automatically, directly from the giveaway widget.

We’ll choose the winner automatically, but you can choose it yourself manually if you prefer.

You’ll have access to the display name and email address of the winner, so in case two people have donated with the same name, you’ll be able to clear up any discrepancies.

If you’re unable to get in touch with the winner for some reason, you can always just choose another winner at any time.

We hope you like this feature and that it helps you raise a bunch of money for awesome causes! If you’re looking for a great charity to fundraise for in July, we recommend checking out our Charity Spotlight for last week: Syrian American Medical Foundation. They’re an amazing charity delivering medical services to people that really need it. You can also check out our full list of charities to find other causes you’re passionate about.

Good luck fundraising!

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