Streamers: Find out how this affects you and your channel.

We have a pretty big announcement that some of you might already be aware of. If you’ve been snooping around, you might have found this on the internets:


The rumors are true, TwitchAlerts is rebranding to Streamlabs as of today, September 1st. You won’t notice too much of a difference around the site except for logo and domain changes, but this is only the beginning.

Now for a few things (that we can talk about) that are brewing in the labs…

New Platform

We’re currently re-architecting our platform from the ground up, adding full YouTube support and many other features, but we want to do it right and build something that allows us to scale and innovate quicker. It’s a common misconception that adding support for another streaming site is just a 1 line change, but think of it more like an iceberg: it looks simple on the surface, but there is much more going on underneath. This new platform will give us the freedom to add support for other streaming services and also speed up our development cycles.

Payment Options

We’ve rolled out both credit cards and Unitpay support for tipping over the past couple of months. Next week we will be adding Skrill to our line of options, which will allow you to collect tips in common European formats such as paysafecard.


We’re going to be at Twitchcon again this year, but bigger and better. Swag city, shirts, and other fun stuff at our booth. The notorious prize wheel will make it’s return, and this time with much more stuff to give away including an Oculus Rift, so make sure to stop by and spin to win.


We also have another big announcement to make at Twitchcon, and we will be giving early access to this newly announced feature to anyone who stops by our booth, don’t miss out.

We’re super excited about our direction, and we hope you are too. We did however notice several broadcasters mentioning that today might include YouTube support; before we roll that out we want to make sure the domain migration goes smoothly. As we get closer to YouTube support, we would love your feedback:

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