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Jul 22, 2020

Tips to Navigate COVID-19 as a Live Streamer

As a live streamer, you are in a unique position to provide meaningful interaction with your audience during these uncertain times.

Last Updated on November 22, 2022


We are facing many uncertainties in the world right now. We’re all doing our best to navigate this new normal as we stay indoors, wear a mask, and practice social distancing. As a live streamer, you are in a unique position to provide meaningful interaction with your audience during these uncertain times.

With many people at home, there are specific tactics you can use to engage your community and build your brand. It’s imperative to remain sympathetic to those affected by COVID-19. Do not simply take advantage of a bad situation. Instead, show your community the value you provide to help them through this trying time.

Bring your community together

Your channel is an opportunity for people to come together to forget about their problems, relax, and hang out with friends. Remember, be genuine. When you’re having fun, your community will notice. And when you are having a good time, more people will want to interact with your channel. One of the benefits of being a live streamer is building a community of like-minded individuals that share similar interests — so talk to your audience. Get to know them.

Our goal is to help bring people together and bond via live streaming. We want to ensure your community can support you in this mission. That is why we strive to provide you with the tools you need so your community can support the channel in a variety of ways.

Add Home & Living Merch to Your Store

At a time when people are spending more time indoors, it is a perfect opportunity to give your audience the chance to decorate their house with gear from their favorite live streamer.


Online buying is growing at an accelerated rate. E-commerce shopping levels during COVID-19 (April to May) were higher than what retailers saw during the 2019 holiday season (November to December) (source).

Given this continuing trend, we highly recommend opening up a Streamlabs merch store. You can begin selling basic items for free today — no overhead, and no fees. We handle customer service, shipping, and handling. What’s more, if you sign up for Streamlabs Ultra, you’ll get access to our “Home & Living” section. In the “Home & Living” section, you’ll see items like picture frames, towels, pillows, and much more. Now you can your fans have the opportunity to support the stream by displaying your gear in their home.

Schedule a Charity Stream

More than ever, we must come together to provide relief for those affected by COVID-19 and the healthcare workers on the front line.

Streamlabs is teaming up with several charities to help assist in this mission. Live streamers that want to support us in this cause can visit our website to sign up and schedule a charity stream.

Streamlabs native charity fundraising platform is the easiest way to start raising money for charity. As a live streamer, your tip page will automatically redirect the charities tip page when you go live. Every single donation goes straight to the charities PayPal with zero fees taken out from us.

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