Using your phone to run mobile livestreams has been growing fast on Twitch. It used to be that you needed a serious computer, camera, and mic setup to handle running games and a Twitch stream, which is expensive, but that’s no longer the case! The latest iPhone and Android phones have incredible cameras, and mobile games have gotten more immersive. But what’s the best app to use to stream yourself or your gameplay on Twitch?

We recommend Streamlabs Mobile as the best mobile livestreaming app on iOS or Android—it has the right blend of easy to use features and advanced customization to start your streaming career. 

Why Streamlabs Mobile is Perfect for Twitch 

First of all, Streamlabs Mobile is free, with no ads, so it’s easy to try out and see if you like it. The app currently has an average of 4 stars across over 100,000 App Store reviews on the App Store and Google Play—it’s incredibly popular with mobile live streamers.

The stand out features of Streamlabs Mobile include:

  • Stream games: Streamlabs supports sharing gameplay feeds in high quality and high bitrate to Twitch
  • Stream your camera: easily switch between front and back camera feeds to share high quality video while on the go
  • Personalized themes: Get access to pro quality alerts and overlays to make your stream uniquely your own
  • Manage chat & stream alerts: Streamlabs lets you manage chat and events on your stream, on multiple platforms, all at once

examples of themes available on Streamlabs Mobile

Examples of Mobile Themes Available with Streamlabs


Want to Grow Faster? Try Multistreaming

Best of all, as you get deeper into streaming, you can stream to multiple platforms at once, not just Twitch. For example, Streamlabs Mobile supports multistreaming to Facebook Gaming or YouTube alongside Twitch. The mobile apps from the major social platforms only work on their own services, so this is a great way to have one stream everywhere your viewers are.

A Whole Community To Back You Up

Streamlabs has been part of the streaming community for a long time with its desktop software, Streamlabs Desktop. So if you need help with anything, there are a ton of resources to solve your questions:

Streamlabs University - an amazing guide to getting started with streaming on Twitch

Streamlabs Content Hub - there are dozens of articles detailing how to do anything you need to do on Streamlabs Mobile, like setting up multistreaming.

Discord - Streamlabs has its own Discord server with support channels so you can get answers fast from the community or from the Streamlabs support team.

Hopefully that gives you an overview of what makes Streamlabs Mobile a powerful tool for mobile live-streaming. Give it a try - you can download it here.

Happy streaming!

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