Streamlabs Mobile is one of the top rated apps for streaming your mobile gaming or your IRL streams. Today we want to share a new feature, Rewards, that grants you perks for using the app—including multistream, free mobile themes, and even Streamlabs Ultra discounts!

How To Earn Points:

It’s simple: the more you stream, the more reward points you get!

To get started, download the Streamlabs Mobile app here and head to the rewards tab. 

Here, you’ll see a list of tasks - a few are related to setting up your account, and the rest are related to going live with your stream.

Streamlabs Mobile Rewards

Here are a few example tasks in setting up your account that you can do in 3-5 minutes!

  • Connect 1 Account (like Twitch, YouTube, Tiktok, or Facebook): 25 points
  • Add A New Widget: 50 points
  • Add An Alert Box: 25 points

Once you’ve got the basics set up, it’s time to go live! Here’s what you’ll earn for that:

  • Go Live: 100 points
  • Go Live to Twitch: 100 points
  • Streaming: 1 minute of streaming = 1 point (up to 200 points)
  • Go Live With Your Camera: 100 points

Do these steps and you’ll instantly earn at least 401 points! That’s enough to unlock our Bronze Theme and to remove the Streamlabs watermark for 24 hours. 

The highest value reward is a permanent unlock of a premium Streamlabs Mobile theme - which costs 1200 points. If you’re streaming on your computer as well, we recommend saving up to 1000 points, which will get you a discount on our Streamlabs Ultra subscription (which works on both desktop and mobile! 

As you progress further into the app, you’ll find more tasks and more rewards unlocked. Keep streaming on Streamlab Mobile, and you’ll keep unlocking new features to use for free. Happy streaming!

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