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Feb 15, 2022

Streamlabs Announces Integration with Trovo

Trovo is now integrated with Streamlabs Desktop. Go live and get access to over a dozen widgets

Last Updated on April 22, 2022

We are grateful for the opportunity to partner with Trovo and support Trovo creators by bringing our products and services to the community. 

Our mission is to serve creators and this integration represents the first step in a long-term commitment to the Trovo community. We will listen to your feedback and work together with the Trovo team to add more features and more ways to help you grow as a live streamer. Thank you in advance for all of your fantastic ideas and, most importantly, for creating great content.

What is Available on Day One

Streamlabs Desktop Integration

You can now log into Streamlabs Desktop and stream to Trovo in a few clicks. We built Streamlabs Desktop on top of the OBS engine, and we appreciate the OBS team's hard work and partnership. Streamlabs Desktop live streaming software comes with features such as: 

  • Layout Editor: Customize the user interface of Streamlabs Desktop through a simple drag and drop system
  • Highlighter: This is a free video editing tool that can help you create and edit video highlights from your streams
  • Multistream: This is the ability to stream to multiple platforms simultaneously 
  • Selective Recording: This gives you the ability to choose which sources appear in a recorded video or live stream

Web Integration

You can now use all widgets and web-based product features on streamlabs.com. Among the main features that we are excited to share with the Trovo community are:

  • Tipping: Streamlabs' tipping functionality allows streamers to receive monetary support from viewers with on-screen alerts. We don’t take a cut of your tips. Each tip is 100% yours, excluding standard processing fees from credit cards
  • Alerts and Widgets: Over a dozen interactive widgets are available to help you engage your community, from community polls, customizing alerts, setting stream goals, and much more
  • Custom products: Access the Streamlabs overlay theme library with hundreds of custom themes, create a custom logo using Streamlabs Logo Maker, build a custom tip page, or use Intro Maker to make custom intros for your YouTube videos
  • Analytics: View your stream analytics and track your progress 
  • Merch store: you can now easily make and sell custom merch using Streamlabs Merch Store feature. Our merch products come with integrated on-screen alerts and some of the deepest customization and highest quality product in the game

Android and iOS integration

Log in and go live to Trovo from the Streamlabs Mobile. Broadcast mobile gaming content or stream IRL with widgets and alert functionality. Go live with a few clicks - just as easy as the desktop app.  


Entertain your community and keep your chat safe. Chatbot that runs in the cloud, saving your CPU. Minigames, bad word lists, and more 

Known things we need to improve

We will work hard on these in collaboration with the Trovo team:

  • Elixir support is coming soon 
  • To use embedded chat on Streamlabs Desktop, you must authenticate twice. We are working on fixing this. The desktop chat should work without requiring a second login
  • Handling emotes in chat  
  • The loyalty system for Cloudbot is not available on day one but also coming soon. 

What is coming next

More features taking longer to integrate are on the way (i.e., a loyalty system for Cloudbot). We also have more than 40 improvements and updates planned for the next 60 days. The main point is that we are far from done. We are excited to listen to and support creators on Trovo.

Here are a few things that might be helpful 

Our Content hub is home to blogs, how-tos, and articles. There is also a support section with specific guides and troubleshooting steps based on the product. Check out our YouTube guides here and follow us on Twitter to stay updated with the latest product and community updates. 

Where to reach out for help 

Join our Discord. Our fantastic customer success team is ready to help. Alternatively, submit a support ticket here, and we will get back to you via email. We are excited to partner with the Trovo team and serve the Trovo community.

Happy streaming,

With love from the Streamlabs team 

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