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Apr 21, 2020

Schedule a charity stream to help those affected by COVID-19

These are unprecedented times. Now more than ever, we must come together to provide relief for those affected by COVID-19. We must come…

Last Updated on June 28, 2022

These are unprecedented times. Now more than ever, we must come together to provide relief for those affected by COVID-19. We must come together to provide support for the healthcare workers on the frontline.

Streamlabs is teaming up with several charities to help assist in this mission. Live streamers that want to support us in this cause can visit our website to sign up and schedule a charity stream. A list of charities participating in COVID-19 relief is included below.

Streamlabs native charity fundraising platform is the easiest way to start raising money for charity. As a live streamer, your tip page will automatically redirect to the charities tip page when you go live. Every single donation goes straight to the charities PayPal with zero fees taken out from us.

For more information about Streamlabs’ charity feature, please read our blog post.

Feeding America

Click here to donate or join the campaign. Feeding America’s COVID-19 Response Fund has been established to help the Feeding America network of food banks as they support communities and families impacted by the pandemic. Your donation today will enable food banks to serve the most vulnerable members of the community and our neighbors in need, during this difficult time.

Save the Children

Click here to donate or join the campaign. Save the Children is a leading expert on emergencies of all types — especially health emergencies — and on how any emergency or disaster relief situation negatively impacts children. Save the Children started responding in China, Pakistan, and Hong Kong in early February, and are preparing to deploy our Emergency Health Unit as there are outbreaks in countries with very week health infrastructure. Many of our most affected member countries (Italy, South Korea) are already providing resources for parents and kids in their countries. In the U.S, we are working to make sure that children can continue to learn and receive meals — particularly in our rural program areas where lack of connectivity, safe childcare, and food insecurity are major issues. In many areas where we work up to 100% of the kids get free or reduced fee school breakfast and lunches.

Direct Relief

Click here to donate or join the campaign. Direct Relief’s efforts are focused on the personal protective equipment (masks, gowns, gloves, etc.) that are most needed across the world. In addition to providing PPE, Direct Relief is supporting U.S. community clinics and health centers with chronic disease medications to make sure that people living with these conditions do not go into acute crisis as a result of the surge of people needing medical care due to COVID-19. Direct Relief is ramping up efforts to provide the needed prescription medicines and medical resources needed for the most severe cases that require hospitalization and ICU care.

Médecins Sans Frontières / Doctors without Borders

Click here to donate or join the campaign. Subscribe and raise funds to help Médecins Sans Frontières / Doctors without Borders in its response to the COVID-19 pandemic. MSF is an international medical humanitarian organization that just launched one of its biggest operations in its history. Its main objective is to support medical staff around the world and to protect and care for the most vulnerable people, such as victims of conflicts, migrants, homeless people, displaced populations, etc. Operations have been launched in more than 40 countries such as France, Italy, Belgium, Spain, Switzerland, Greece, South Africa, Syria, Sierra Leone, Hong Kong, Iraq, Gaza, Yemen, Afghanistan, Mali, etc. Every donation will support the COVID-19 Crisis fund. Donations will not be eligible for tax deduction.

World Vision

Click here to donate or join the campaign. World Vision is working in 13 strategic locations to provide 650,000 people with food, protective items like hand sanitizer and disinfectant wipes, other essentials they desperately need through a Family Emergency Kit. A Kit will provide food for a family of five for an entire week!

Project HOPE

Click here to donate or join the campaign. You can support and protect health workers fighting COVID-19! Doctors, nurses, and other health workers are fighting the coronavirus pandemic without enough protective gear and supplies to stay safe from infection. You can help them while they put themselves at risk to care for the sick and contain the spread of COVID-19. Join us to provide personal protective equipment (PPE), training and support to health workers in the U.S. and beyond. Help save lives now!

Starlight Children’s Foundation

Click here to donate or join the campaign. Starlight Children’s Foundation delivers happiness to seriously ill kids and their families in more than 800 children’s hospitals across the US. With innovative programs such as Starlight Gaming, Starlight Gowns, and Starlight Virtual Reality headsets, we have impacted more than 16 million sick kids over the last 38 years. Starlight programs are needed now more than ever as hospital resources are stretched and social distancing and quarantine measures mean that hospitalized kids are even more isolated than before. To ensure that we can serve every kid who needs us, Starlight has launched our Critical Needs Fund: as a four-star charity on Charity Navigator, you can be assured that we put every dollar to good use. Stream for Starlight today and help make an impact to seriously ill kids around the country.

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