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Can you provide some background on your channel, how long you’ve been streaming and what you typically like to stream?

As of May 16, I’ve been streaming for four whole years! I picked up streaming after trying a couple of different jobs out of college and realized this was the time to do it, now or never, and I just never stopped. I started streaming a lot of retro games, which is where I intended my niche to lie when I first started, but I moved on to just playing a variety of games. Chill games, story games, RPGs, horror games, whatever I feel like at the moment, and whatever I feel like I can make jokes about!

What was it about streaming that initially interested you and inspired you to give it a try?

The community aspect. I’ve wanted to be a content creator since I was about 13 years old. I originally wanted to create YouTube content and have done so on and off for a good chunk of my life now, I guess, but it always felt like SOMETHING was missing. When I looked into Twitch and live streaming years ago, the live feedback and chatting struck me. I loved being able to chat and make jokes with others, it felt like a new dimension to content creation, and it’s still one of my favorite things about streaming.

What goals or aspirations would you like to achieve this year and in the future?

I would absolutely love to broaden my horizons with voice acting. When I was a kid, I actually wanted to be a voice actor in people’s animated shorts and things, but it just never worked out because I definitely did not have the right equipment, and well, I was a kid. It interests me so much, though, and I’m told a lot that I would make a great one, so I hope to try to dip my feet into it this year!

What is the most important thing to you about being an LGBTQIA+ streamer?

The most important thing to me is being the representation I wish I saw more when I was younger, you know? I talk a lot on stream about how I didn’t even realize my sexuality until high school because I didn’t have any exposure to the LGBTQIA+ community until then. I also want to make other people in the LGBTQIA+ community feel loved and accepted since that’s not always the case at home.

Were there other LGBTQIA + streamers that you are inspired by?

I am constantly inspired by LuxieGames, an absolute angel who doesn’t take any nonsense and is a constant pillar of good to so so many. She’s one of the hardest-working people I know and puts her all into everything.

MiladyConfetti is another creator who inspires me endlessly. Her creativity in every single look she does and the tireless effort you can tell she puts into every project she’s a part of is astounding. She’s also hilarious, truly, and it’s always a hoot watching highlights.

And before I ramble too much about creators who inspire me ENDLESSLY, MermaidRoyal is just an icon. They work so damn hard on everything they do and constantly uplift others in so many ways. Jude is absolutely lovely, and you should check out all these people.

Do you have any tips for new streamers entering the space?

I have a few fast and loose tips, as every piece of advice won’t work for everyone, but I found these to be fairly universal. First off is to always stream like you have people watching, engage, chat to an invisible audience if you have no chat, and engage with chat that is there!

Second, if you have someone in your community when you’re starting out that makes you uncomfortable, get rid of them. If you’re just starting out, I know it feels like getting rid of someone feels detrimental to your growth, but if YOU feel uncomfortable, I guarantee the people you’re trying to reach and have in your community feel uncomfortable too. Make the community you want to be a part of and start at the ground level. I promise it will help in the long run.

And lastly, you don’t have to invest a ton of money right at the start of streaming. You don’t need a three monitor setup, a DSLR, and an XLR mic when you’re starting out. Just start with what you have, and invest in little upgrades. There are SO many options now for cheaper pieces of equipment with so much bang for their buck. You can find stuff to make your stream great on a budget. Also, avoiding investing a ton of money into something you may not end up vibing with entirely is always a good thing.

If there is anything else you’d like to add, feel free to include it here

There are so many LGBTQIA+ streamers in this space that deserve your love and attention. Please go into the tag on Twitch, peep new creators, follow more of the creators in this space on social media, whatever. I promise it will be worth it. If you’re not following creators in this space, you’re missing out on so much good content.

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