Twitch is one of the biggest streaming platforms in the world right now. In fact, according to the Streamlabs and Stream Hatchet streaming industry report, Twitch viewership reached an all-time high in Q1 2021 growing 16.5% since the last quarter (5.4 billion hours watched vs. 6.3 billion).

If you’re a new streamer, or a brand or business experimenting with live streaming for the first time, you may be wondering what the process is to go live. Luckily, broadcasting software like Streamlabs Desktop comes with an integration with Twitch that streamlines the setup process. All you have to do is log in and go live. It’s that simple. However, some other live streaming software does not come with these integrations. In this case, you will need to manually enter your stream key to go live. 

This guide will cover what a stream key is and where to find it on Twitch. 

What is a Stream Key

A stream key is defined as code used to identify a source of audio/video streaming, in order to show the stream on a website or software over the Web.

Your Stream Key is unique to you, so don't ever share it with other people. Otherwise, they may be able to stream content you don’t want on your account.

How to Find Your Twitch Stream Key

Step 1: Open an internet browser, head to, and log in if you haven’t already.

Step 2: Click your profile icon in the top-right corner

Step 3: Click on Creator Dashboard


Step 4: Open the creator dashboard and click on the “Settings” icon with the gear. 

Step 5: Under the settings click “Stream”

On this page, you’ll see your stream key. Copy this and paste it into your streaming software to go live to Twitch.

In case someone ever sees your stream key, you can also reset it from this page.

How to Add Stream Key to Streamlabs Desktop

Once you’ve located your stream key you can copy and paste it into Streamlabs Desktop to go live to that platform.

Step 1: Open Streamlabs Desktop and click on “Settings.”

Step 2: Click on “Stream” and click “Stream to custom igest.”

Step 3: Select the platform you’d like to stream to, paste your stream key, and go live!

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