Streamlabs OBS App Store live on all major platforms

We’re excited to announce that the App Store for Streamlabs OBS has expanded beyond Twitch, now supporting creators on YouTube, Facebook, and Mixer. Today, when creators log into Streamlabs OBS, they will find up to 40 apps, each built by talented independent development teams.

Every single app offers a free 15 day trial, so creators can easily explore different apps on their platform of choice.

Free 15 day trials for every app

We started the App Store with the belief that as live streaming continues to grow, creators will demand high quality tools to help grow their channels.

Our belief has been validated over the past few months as tens of thousands of streamers are now using apps in the App Store to interact with their audience in new ways, improve the aesthetic of their stream, broadcast with stream-safe music, save time with automation, and learn new insights about their stream.

A few of the apps available now on multiple platforms

This success has been possible because of the creativity, passion, and innovation of the developers building apps for the App Store. These developers are innovative thinkers in the streaming space, bringing to life ideas that are adding tremendous value to live streamers.

On behalf of our incredible developers and the entire team at Streamlabs. Thank you for checking out the App Store in Streamlabs OBS. Count on all of us to commit to your growth.

If you’re looking for Streamlabs OBS you can find it here. Please reach out to us on Twitter, Facebook, or in the comment section below, we love hearing from you!

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