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Nov 08, 2018

Streamlabs App Store is Live!

Today, Streamlabs is announcing the launch of a native App Store with a growing collection of apps built entirely within Streamlabs Desktop…

Last Updated on December 01, 2021

EDIT: $15 free cash has been replaced with free 15 day trial. You can still check out the apps with ease without paying.

Today, Streamlabs is announcing the launch of a native App Store with a growing collection of apps built entirely within Streamlabs Desktop. At the start, users will have access to 16 diverse applications designed to help live streamers grow their channel. Each app built by an independent talented developer team.

Everyone who visits the store gets a free $15 to check out the apps and to support developers.

Available on Twitch to start and coming to other streaming platforms soon.

Streamlabs Desktop App Store

Let’s go over a few things together:

  • Why build an App Store?
  • What apps are available at launch?
  • What’s this $15 welcome bonus?
  • What’s in it for developers?

Why build an App Store?

We are convinced that live streaming will continue to grow. Creators will push the boundaries in production value, will want greater automation and analytics, smarter ways to interact with their growing audience, and much more.

You (the creator) want diverse and rich features, often specific to your channel. Our goal is to support you on your journey as a creator, and our worst fear is when we are unable to allocate enough resources to deliver features that help you grow. Enter developers!

Amazing developers can do so much more than our team alone. They are passionate about the live streaming space and have innovative ideas that bring a ton of value to live streamers. For this to work, developers need to make money so that they can support themselves and funnel even more energy into top-tier apps.

What apps are available at launch?

  • Broadcast premium music with ease and protect your business with zero DMCA risk (developed by Monstercat)
  • Engage with your channel by letting your chat control lights in your room with HueLightBot (developed by Aetaric and Fluzzarn)
  • Dynamic, automated, fully-customizable 3D motion graphics for alerts and overlays (developed by OvrStream)
  • Understand your audience with Live Dashboard containing 90 different widgets (developed by Layer One)
  • Upgraded media share that sends media files from your audience to the stream (developed by Social to Stream)
  • Host marathon streams with Subathon Timer (developed by Layer One)
  • Customize beautiful, streamer approved overlays without design software (developed by Visuals by Impulse)
  • Engage with your community with polls, profile image rain, and quizzes during downtime (developed by SuperMashApp)
  • Host an interactive game show on your channel (developed by SuperMashApp)
  • Grow your audience by sim-casting to Twitch/YT/Mixer with few clicks (developed by Mobcrush)
  • On-stream stats overlays for League of Legends and Fortnite (developed by Tomatolicious)
  • Plug your YouTube channel on your stream! Show a rotating feed of your recent video upload thumbnails right on your overlay (developed by Tomatolicious)
  • Up your Fortnite game with fortnite stats overlay builder and chatbot (developed by Rare Drop)
  • Stay on top of your chat with cross platform chat overlay (developed by Rare Drop)
  • Empowering streamers by providing fully customizable, innovative, animated overlays and widgets (developed by Nerd or Die)
  • Move your on-screen elements with ease via keyboard shortcuts (developed by Feline Entity)

What’s this $15 welcome bonus?

Every single person that enters the App Store gets $15 (funded by Streamlabs) to check out the apps. Why? Because we think these apps are awesome and because we want to support developers and help them earn a living for their hard work.


What’s in it for developers?

Good question. 3 things:

  1. Access to the millions of streamers
  2. Opportunity to build a sustainable business
  3. Dedicated team that is committed to prompt/transparent communication and building a robust SDK that supports your app

$1,000,000 developer fund

To top it off, Streamlabs will invest $1,000,000 in a developer fund aimed at helping developers grow their business. We’ll use the funds to (1) grow adoption for the App Store and to (2) support talented developers, especially early in the product life-cycle.

We are keeping the store invite-only for an indefinite future. The single reason for that is we want to give the maximum amount of support to each developer, including custom API work if that is what’s needed to build a killer app.

On behalf of talented developers and everyone at Streamlabs, thank you so much for checking out the App Store, supporting the developer community, and above all, moving the live streaming/content creator ecosystem forward. You are the future. And we want to do everything we can to support you as you continue to grow.

This is v1. We are always listening and adjusting based on what you tell us. Let us know what you think on Twitter, Facebook, in the comments below, fax, or raven mail.

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