End your stream in style. Give your supporters the recognition they deserve. It’s now possible to do all of the above with Credits.

Insert epic music.

Credits is our latest widget which will list out your supporters who follow, subscribe and resub, tip and cheer during your stream. We provide a wide selection of default themes you could use as well.

With full custom HTML/CSS support, you can design your own credits and how it should look. Credits works on all platforms: Twitch, Youtube, Mixer and Facebook. Check out the widget here.

Create your custom Credits animation with Custom CSS.

The Jar: Custom CSS/JS support and integration with Youtube and Mixer

It took a while, but the Jar has finally arrived on Youtube and Mixer. Along with it is custom CSS/JS support for all platforms.


With custom JavaScripts, you can design and make your own Jar. For example, we made a rain gauge as a jar, because why not.

Or a pachinko board.

We’re always developing new products and looking for new ideas to improve your stream. Feel free to reach out to us over Twitter or on our Ideas page.

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