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Mar 30, 2017

March Madness: Bonjour, Hallo, Привет, 안녕하세요 and more

In keeping with our planned schedule of releasing significant new features every month throughout 2017, here’s some exciting stuff for…

Last Updated on January 28, 2022

In keeping with our planned schedule of releasing significant new features every month throughout 2017, here’s some exciting stuff for March Madness this month.

Streamlabs in over 20 Languages ?? ?? ?? ??

Streamlabs is used by over 2 million streamers in over 120 countries. Many have complained that while we support foreign currencies and foreign characters in our Alerts, the main Streamlabs site and tipping pages are only available in English. This makes it harder to understand and use for people who don’t speak English as their first language (which is most of the world, really).

The world is big, and we’re just a small part of it

We’re taking a big step to address this. Starting sometime next week Streamlabs will be available in over a dozen of the top languages on Twitch and Youtube. Over time this will expand to include more than 30 languages. To tackle this challenge, we’re taking a community-driven approach where our streamers and their viewers can actively translate parts of the site in languages that they want to see. While this means that translation will always be a work-in-progress by the community, it allows us to continue building new features in parallel. Crucially, our engineers don’t need to wait to translate each new sentence 30 times over while building new stuff.

In Russia, game plays you

Want to invent a new Kappa language? Or a Klingon-Vulcan hybrid? Give it a shot and see what happens. Submitting translations is live right now. Follow these instructions to get into the beta today.

Moderator Role for Shared Access

Wisely must you pick, young padawan

You can now add a limited-access Moderator role to your Streamlabs account to perform more limited functions, without giving them access to everything. This gives you more granular control on who has access to your account, and how much.

Support for Custom Cheermotes in Alerts, Jar & Chat widgets

Custom Cheermotes will now drop in The Jar alongside donations and regular cheers

Twitch recently rolled out custom cheermotes for partnered channels. We’ve added support for this to our Alerts, Jar & Chat widgets, so your fans see the correct emotes they picked drop as expected.

Other Updates

This was long overdue, but you will now receive helpful email notifications on account-related activity — such as your first tip, credit card chargebacks, pending balance to withdraw, new signup welcome email and more. We’ve also fixed dozens of bugs with Stream Labels, All-Stars partner program and the new site which was pushed last month.

Upcoming Features

Sometimes things get moved around, so this hinting stuff isn’t an exact science, but we‘re working on this stuff right now.

Other widgets may soon get, what alert box always had
Color those cheeks, it’s makeup for geeks
Friends in a game, we had a name.
New friends in the mix, take your picks.
Kevin goin’ places, hitting new bases.
groove to the beat, yo move those feet.

Can you guess what they are? Tweet us. Join our All-Stars Partner program for early access to new stuff, or catch our next show on Twitch to see a sneak preview.

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